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If you read yesterday’s post about the 2012 Range Rover Sport, you’ll see much of the same here regarding the 2012 Land Rover LR4. The LR4 sees several interior technology updates for the 2012 model year, not the least of which is “Say What You See” voice controls, which replaces the current and somewhat fussy voice command system. Additional major technology changes have been made to the audio and navigation systems.

2012 Land Rover LR4 Prices

The LR4 saw a comparatively higher price increase than the Range Rover Sport for the 2012 model year across all trims. The Land Rover LR4 V8 (Base) starts at $49,750.00 (up from $48,500.00). The mid-line trim, the LR4 HSE, has an introductory MSRP of $53,975.00 (up from $52,750.00). The final and most luxurious trim is the LR4 HSE LUX, which now starts at $58,995.00 (up from $57,665.00). These prices include an $850.00 delivery charge but exclude taxes, title, license, and other fees.

2012 Land Rover LR4 Engine

The 5.0-liter LR-V8 has been carried over from the 2011 model year. This V8 engine peaks at 375-horsepower and 375 ft.-lb. of torque while at the same time manages to meet ultra-low emissions vehicle (ULEV2) standards. Backing the LR-V8 is a six-speed adaptive automatic transmission with CommandShift®, which allows the driver to select normal, sport, and manual shift modes. This powertrain setup allows the LR4 to tow up to 7,716 pounds with a braked trailer. Acceleration from zero-to-60 takes 7.5 seconds, which isn’t half-bad considering the weight of the vehicle. Mileage is unchanged, coming in at 12 MPG city and 17 MPG highway.

2012 Land Rover LR4 Direct Front ViewThe LR-V8 uses 5W-20 semi-synthetic oil, which Land Rover says allows normal service intervals to be extended to 15,000 miles or 12 months. We are not completely sold on extended oil change intervals but nor do we see the need in modern engines for the old 3,000 mile interval schedule. But, we’ll leave that discussion for a future post.

2012 Land Rover LR4
Interior Changes

Now we get to the core of the changes for the 2012 model year. Inside, we find a host of upgrades to the audio and navigation systems. Land Rover’s new Gen 2.1 electrical architecture allows a number of upgrades for 2012. Primary among them are updates to the navigation system and to the harman/kardon® audio systems found on all trims.

Navigation System – The hard disc drive navigation system is included standard on the HSE and HSE LUX and has been upgraded with improved informational screens and graphics for a more user-friendly experience. The navigation system is also capable of receiving Traffic Message Channel data, which sends updated traffic information to the LR4’s navigation system. As we are familiar with, the navigation system is able to provide 4×4 and GPS-based off-road navigation capabilities.

Audio System – The standard harman/kardon audio system has been upgraded to 380-watts and 11 speakers. This replaces the standard 240-watt, nine-speaker system found in 2011 models. The premium audio system is a harman/kardon LOGIC7® system featuring 825-watts of power and 17 speakers. This audio system is optional on the HSE and standard on the HSE LUX.

Audio can be streamed and controlled from iPod®, iPad®, and other USB-connected devices with a standard USB connection. No proprietary connector is required. Bluetooth® technology allows occupants to play music from any Bluetooth®-compatible phone or device through the LR4’s audio system, in addition to providing all of the functionality it did in earlier models.

LR4s equipped with a navigation system also feature a new virtual CD changer, which allows the user to upload the contents of 10 albums in uncompressed, full-quality format. The virtual disc can then be played as any regular CD album.

Rear Seat Entertainment – An optional rear seat entertainment system is available on HSE and HSE LUX packages and now offers a larger eight-inch screen. Front occupants can load and unload the single-disc DVD drive from their position. Additionally, there are two sets of cordless headphones included, which are operated by WhiteFire™ wireless technology.

“Say What You See” Voice Control – New for 2012 is a “Say What You See” voice control system that replaces the current voice command structure. The current system requires the user to memorize a number of commands and has a tendency to be rather fickle about its acceptance of the spoken commands, which can be frustrating for user. The new system is assisted by a step-by-step display on the touchscreen and allows control over the following devices:

– Navigation – Including Destination Entry by Voice
– Rear Seat Entertainment – Basic Control
– Phone – Including Name Dialing
– Auxiliary Input – Basic Control
– USB/iPod – Basic Control
– CD/Virtual CD Changer
– Satellite Radio
– Notepad
– Radio

Additional Features

Smaller Smart Key Fob – The new Smart Key fob is smaller and includes functions for locking, unlocking, opening the tailgate, and engaging a panic alarm. 

Steering Column Stalks – The steering column control stalks have been revised for ease of use and an improved high-quality appearance.

Thin Film Transistor Display – A thin film transistor driver information screen within the instrument cluster can display audio information, phone book entries, and navigational aids that augment the main navigation screen. For 2012, the phone book can stores several thousand entries, up from 700 entries in 2011.

Vision Assist Package – Although not new for 2012, the Vision Assist Package is worth mentioning. The Vision Assist Package includes HID headlamps, adaptive front lighting, automatic high beam assist, surround camera system, power-folding mirrors, trailer assist, and trailer hitch assist. Five digital cameras make up the surround camera system, allowing the driver a nearly 360-degree view from the vehicle via the touchscreen display. The cameras allow for easier parking, towing, and off-road maneuvering. These cameras can be selected and zoomed. Trailer towing is made easier by a fine-tuning feature that allows the driver to enter the trailer type, number of axles, and width.

The Vision Assist Package is offered on HSE and HSE LUX models.

2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 With Boats

2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 pictured.

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September 19, 2011


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