Land Rover Wish List Update

Back in June we published a Land Rover Wish List. Surprisingly enough, nearly all of our wishes have come true to one extent or another. Or rather, Land Rover has hinted that they will come true in the future. It’s still impossible to say with 100% certainty that some of these items will come to pass, but the prospects are looking good. From diesels to the DC100, here is our update.

Our Land Rover
Wish List Included…

Reliability and Quality Improvements

This one is, or should be, at the top of every Land Rover wish list. The brand has been long plagued by reliability and quality problems. These issues have earned the company a scarlet letter in the eyes of the public. Recently, there have been signs that Land Rover has begun to address this unfortunate reality. The LR4 was recently awarded a first place finish in Strategic Vision Inc.’s Total Quality Index® (TQI). TQI measures the complete ownership experience, including perceptions of quality, owner delight, future purchase intent, and emotional attachment to the vehicle. Additionally, the Freelander 2 earned an excellent score in What Car? Magazine’s 2011 reliability survey. While the Freelander 2 ranked among the best, the Land Rover brand as a whole ranked dead last. Even so, the Freelander 2 (our LR2) held out as a glimmer of hope.

Diesel in the U.S. 

In Land Rover’s home market, diesel engines are the rule rather than the exception. Here in the U.S., an OEM diesel-powered Land Rover of any vintage is accorded novelty status. A recent post on the Car and Driver blog has indicated that Land Rover will offer diesel engines in our market due to the need for the company to meet long-term fuel economy standards. We would not be surprised to see the first diesel powertrains reach U.S. shores along with the new Defender in 2015. Speaking of…

DC100 ConceptReturn of the Defender 

The DC100 has been making waves this week. Unfortunately, the waves have been rocking the boat over at Land Rover. We have heard more instances of positive feedback as the DC100 settles in, but that does little to assuage the fact that most unfiltered feedback on the DC100 (and especially the DC100 Sport) has been very critical. Most of the criticisms revolve around the revolutionary rather than evolutionary approach Land Rover has taken. As was recently pointed out on Facebook, cars such as the New Beetle, Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, MINI, and the Fiat 500 all have easily recognizable evolutionary designs which pleased enthusiasts and the general public alike. The Land Rover faithful did not see this same sort of design ethic transfer into the Defender/DC100 relationship.

All of that aside, in a YouTube video posted by Land Rover USA, John Edwards, Global Brand Director of Land Rover, declared that the U.S. would be considered as a market for the 2015 Defender. While nothing is certain, Land Rover is banking on some big sales for the new Defender, so skipping the U.S. market would be highly unlikely.

On a side note: D = Defender, C = Concept, 100 = 100-Inch Wheelbase.

Return of the Discovery Nameplate

The alphanumeric names Land Rover decided to slap on U.S.-spec vehicles has been a pet peeve of ours since the practice was started. Fortunately, another Car and Driver blog post has revealed that Land Rover intends to use a global naming strategy, so a Discovery will be a Discovery the world over. Land Rover abandoned the old names in the U.S. for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the notion that these names had too negative of a connotation with poor reliability. Of course, when the LR3 was nearly (or just as) unreliable as the Discovery, it ended up making little difference to the consumer.

Two-door Land Rover Range Rover (or RRS) 

There’s an old saying among hot rodders, “Four doors are fine, as long as they are on two different cars.” While we love our four-doors for their utility, like those hot rodders we also love the lines of a two-door. This is the only entry on our wish list that has not yet been addressed (and may never be). What we are talking about is a full-size two-door Range Rover as was made in years past. The Range Rover brand has been extended to the 2012 Evoque, which is available as a two-door Coupe, but that hardly fulfills the requirements of this particular wish. A couple of years ago it was rumored that 2012 would introduce a two-door Range Rover Sport, but those rumors came to fruition as the Evoque.

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September 16, 2011


Articles, DC100 Concept, Defender, Land Rover Models, LR2, LR4

Concept, DC100, DC100 Sport, Defender, LR2, LR4, Reliability

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