DC100 Sport Front View on the Beach

Land Rover’s commitment to developing hybrid powertrains has been further reinforced by the new DC100 and DC100 Sport concept vehicles revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The DC100 concepts feature diesel and gasoline versions of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The DC100 is equipped with the diesel version for maximum off-road capability. The performance-oriented DC100 Sport features the 2.0-liter gasoline version. Both engines are capable of being configured as a standard hybrid or as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission

Backing the 2.0-liter engines is an eight-speed automatic transmission that is manually controllable by steering wheel mounted paddles. Also included is Land Rover’s Intelligent Stop/Start technology. The current incarnation of the Intelligent Stop/Start technology as found on the Freelander 2 improves fuel economy and reduces emissions by stopping the engine when the vehicle comes to a halt and is shifted into neutral. When the clutch is depressed, the system automatically re-starts the engine. The DC100’s system will likely work much in the same way, but allow for the use of the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Electronic Torque Vectoring in the DC100

The DC100 concepts also take advantage of electronic torque vectoring. These systems increase stability, handling, and traction on any surface by electronically channeling power to each individual wheel as needed. While on pavement, the system offers a more spirited driving experience while also increasing safety. Off-road, the system allows for infinite and instant torque application to any combination of the four wheels as needed.

Physical Driveline Disconnect

Another bit of notable technology is driveline disconnect. The system drives only the front axle unless conditions require that all-wheel drive is required. The Land Rover system physically decouples the rear propshaft from the center differential, rather than simply reducing the power sent to the differential. This physical disconnect results in increased efficiency and fuel economy. The system can automatically recouple the driveline when it detects the need for all-wheel drive.

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