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It seems that many automotive journalists are rushing to slap the “iconic” label on nearly every new car that rolls off the line these days, but few can match Land Rover when it comes to being a truly iconic vehicle. This reputation was forged in some of the harshest environments ever to have been traversed by man in a four-wheeled vehicle. Two decades in particular feature strongly: 1980 through 2000. These were the two decades during which Land Rover vehicles featured in the Camel Trophy series of off-road challenges. From Brazil to Borneo and Guyana to Australia and many places in between, this annual event put machine and man through exhausting off-road tests.

Over the years, modified versions of the Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover, and the Series III all met the challenge of the Camel Trophy test.

The Camel Trophy
Land Rovers

Over the years, modified versions of the Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover, and the Series III all met the challenge of the Camel Trophy event. Over the Camel Trophy’s 20-year run, Land Rover vehicles were featured in 18 of the events with the diesel-powered Discovery headlining every event between 1990 and 1997. Modifications included the addition of roll cages, additional underbody armor, winches, snorkels, roof racks, lighting, decals, tools, communications equipment, fuel tanks, and more.

The Land Rover vehicles and accessories that were used in the Camel Trophy are now collector’s items and do come up for sale from time-to-time. Because the vehicles were used around the world by a number of international teams, these Camel Trophy rigs can pop up just about anywhere. Also available are Camel Trophy support trucks, a number of promotional trucks that were not used in the actual event, and more than a few tribute replicas.

Camel Trophy Vehicles

The following photos all feature the Discovery and are from a number of different events, including the 1990 Siberia challenge (the three-door) and the 1992 Guyana challenge. Many more photos and details can be found on the Camel Trophy Owners Club website.

Camel Trophy Land Rovers on the Road

[all photos via Land Rover UK]

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October 16, 2011


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