Defender DC100 Concept Vehicle

Land Rover has launched a poll requesting feedback on the new Defender DC100 concept vehicle. The DC100 is ostensibly the replacement for the current Defender and is scheduled to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The company is seeking opinions during the lead up to the official reveal and you can provide your thoughts on the official Land Rover blog.

DC100 Feedback Poll

So far, feedback on Land Rover’s Facebook page and throughout the blog and Twitterverse have been, shall we say, less than positive. This overwhelming outburst of initial opinion offered to Land Rover by enthusiasts who follow the brand is now being augmented by the poll. The poll cuts right to the point by asking visitors how much they agree with three statements focusing on the aesthetics of the concept:

Defender DC100 Poll Graphic

I like the overall design.
It looks like a capable 4×4.
It looks like a Land Rover.

These statements are followed by Land Rover asking what car do you own or have owned. Provided is a long list of Land Rover models plus three other choices: “any other 4×4,” “any other car,” and “I have never owned a car.” You will also have an opportunity to provide open-ended thoughts and opinions before submitting your answers. It takes only a minute, but you will need a Facebook account.

Here is your chance to offer up your $0.02 on the DC100. Land Rover is listening.

Land Rover DC100 Concept

For more information on the DC100, you can visit our post covering the reveal of the first official photos or view our renderings of the DC100 as a pickup truck and as a four-door with half-doors. We will have more information available next week as the DC100 makes its premier at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

[via Land Rover]

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