LR4 Camping

Sitting on your driveway right now is a camping machine. That’s right, your Land Rover! With large load capacities, amazing off-road abilities, and a general all-round practicality, you’ve got yourself a basecamp on wheels! But, by fitting some basic equipment and modifications, you can turn your LR4 or Range Rover into a vacation super juggernaut. It will munch up highway miles, relish the rough terrain, and provide you a practical home away from home when on the move. Let’s have a look at some essential camping upgrades you can make to your Landy.


Cargo Nets for the LR4

Cheap, simple, but highly effective! Cargo or stowage nets are used by armed forces world wide. These humble nets can be fixed to most flat interior surfaces (even the headlining) to give a needed depository for things like maps, clothing, and torches. They turn dead-space into usable storage, but also mean the items you need are always to hand. Cargo nets are stocked by many online U.S. retailers, including Amazon, and are available for as little as $10. However, they are worth 10 times their weight in gold!

Cargo Net Detail

LR4 Dog Guard and Cargo Barriers

If you need more storage still, as well as some security, then get yourself a dog guard. They are available from Land Rover dealers, as well as some 3rd party manufacturers at a reasonable price. In addition to keeping your family pet safe on everyday journeys, they also provide a secure mount for more bulky items. For example, you could tie your recovery ropes, tools, bike helmets and other equipment to it. These are then lifted clear of the load-bed, giving more space for your tent, sleeping bags, clothes, etc. There’s even an umbrella / gun rack available to fit the guard. There’s also the added bonus in case of an accident or wreck, any heavy items in the trunk of your car will be held in place, rather than crashing through your seats like projectiles. A great upgrade for both safety and practicality!

LR4 w/ Dog Barrier

Tie-Down Loops for the LR4

If you are concerned about some of the heavier items in your cargo area moving around, or as above, want to secure them in case of an accident, get your self some tie down loops, or better yet, some cargo rails. These simply attach to the floor of your cargo area, providing a secure loop, or rail system, through which you can run heavy duty ratchet straps and webbing to secure loads. Typically, two rails are mounted side by side (or the loops are fitted opposite each other, in pairs) so that the strapping can run from one anchor point, over the item it is securing, to the opposite anchor point. With 2 or 3 of these in your cargo areas, your tent and other gear will be held in place firmly for your trip. These also make a great addition for everyday load carrying, grocery shopping, etc.

Cargo Tie-Downs

LR4 Footwell Water Tank

If you’re going way out into the wilds, or just on a long day trip, you should consider one of these footwell water tanks. They sit just behind the front seats and will hold a massive 40 liters or 10.7 gallons of water. Perfect for pulling long distances between stops or for weekend camping, rather than using jerry cans or similar. Designed from a tough, food grade polyethylene plastic with a non-slip tread on top, the tank will last for a long while. Footwell water tanks can be purchased online from a variety of camping and expedition outfitters. Non-permanent install.

Footwell Water Tank

LR4 Roof Rack and Ladder

Tired of your cab overflowing with vacation stuff every time you go on a road-trip? Your suitcases, stoves, tents, and tools are very cumbersome and take up lots of space. Then everything else just seems to be wedged in around your kids, under feet, and into any crevice you can find. It’s probably time you invested in a roof rack and ladder. Roof racks will help keep your cab empty and give passengers much needed room. Roof racks are available for all Land Rover / Range Rover models, with the option in many cases to have either a half-length or full-length system. If you do purchase a roof rack, consider getting a rear tailgate ladder, as these will help when loading and unloading – don’t forget, your Land Rover is taller than you and you could do damage to your back improperly lifting.

LR4 Roof Rack w/ Ladder

LR4 Side Awning

An awning makes a great addition to your roof rack to give a compact, covered area for cooking, relaxing, or even semi-outdoor sleeping. Having an awning means your tent (or your Land Rover) is not the only weather-resistant place to spend your time. Very simple to install, an awning will transform the way you camp and make trips, even to just the beach, a lot more enjoyable.

LR4 w/ Awning

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