2011 Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4) Towing Camper

Back in August we talked about the pros and cons of installing an aftermarket trailer hitch and trailer wiring kit on your Land Rover. One of the cons was the reduction of towing capacity, which is likely a major concern for those of you who are considering towing anything bigger than a small boat or a light utility trailer.

The starting point we go by for towing capacities are the Land Rover-specified limits seen below. The maximum towing capacity listed is the largest amount of weight allowed (trailer + load) when the Land Rover and the trailer are properly equipped. The proper equipment is typically an OEM hitch receiver and trailer wiring for the Land Rover combined with a braked trailer. However, safe towing capacities can be impacted by a large number of variables. These variables can include road conditions, tire type and condition, hitch setup, trailer type, etc.

Maximum Land Rover Towing Capacities

U.S.-Specification Vehicles

Land Rover Model

Max. Towing Capacity

Max. Tongue Weight

2011 LR2

3,500 lbs.

330 lbs.

2011 and 2012 LR4

7,716 lbs.

550 lbs.

2012 Range Rover Evoque

3,500 lbs.*

330 lbs. (est.)

2011 and 2012 Range Rover Sport

7,716 lbs.

550 lbs.

2011 Range Rover

7,716 lbs.

550 lbs.

Maximum tongue weight is the amount of weight being applied directly to the tow ball by the hitch coupler. *Please note that Land Rover originally promoted the Evoque as being capable of towing up to 4,400 pounds when properly equipped. This weight rating has since been lowered to 3,500 pounds according to the 2012 Range Rover Evoque owner’s manual (11/28/2011).

13 Basic Towing and Safety Tips

1. Always consult your owner’s manual for details before towing with your Land Rover.

2. Modifications to your Land Rover or your trailer, including the use of aftermarket towing equipment, can impact the maximum safe towing capacity.

3. Never exceed the maximum towing or tongue weight capacities of the vehicle, the trailer, or the hitch setup.

4. Always know the maximum capacities of each link in the towing system: the vehicle, the receiver, the hitch bar, the tow ball, the trailer coupler, and the trailer itself (and the capacity of its tires).

5. Always use the correct size tow ball for the hitch coupler. When buying a new tow ball, consult the markings on the ball itself, not on the package. Packaging mistakes happen.

6. Always make sure all lights, turn signals, brakes, and other electrical equipment is working properly on both your Land Rover and on the trailer. 

7. Make sure all tires are properly inflated and in good condition.

8. Make sure your trailer axles are greased regularly. Some trailer manufacturers do not lube the axles beyond what is necessary for assembly. Never assume the axles are properly lubed when buying a new trailer. A grease gun and a tube of axle grease can save you much hassle down the road.

9. Ensure that safety chains have been properly attached to the towing vehicle. Depending on the model, the loops in which the chains should be hooked can be hidden under the bumper cladding. Avoid hooking the safety chains to the recovery point. 

10. Properly distribute and secure the load on the trailer. This is a rather broad statement, but proper loading and securing will vary greatly depending on what you are hauling.

11. It takes longer to maneuver with a trailer. This includes stopping, clearing intersections, passing other motorists, climbing hills, changing lanes, and navigating parking lots. Wet and snow-covered roads can increase stopping distances dramatically.

12. Speaking of parking, plan ahead. Don’t drive into a situation that will be difficult to get back out of with the trailer attached and be considerate of other drivers and pedestrians. Don’t park so that your trailer is blocking a lane of traffic or a sidewalk.

13. Practice backing with your trailer. Even though Land Rover’s Tow Assist feature can make reversing with a trailer easier, it is still a learned skill.

2011 Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4) Towing Boat

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