August 2011 U.S. Land Rover Sales

Jaguar Land Rover has reported U.S. sales for the month of August. Once again, the Land Rover brand is up for the month. A total of 2,807 Land Rovers found new homes in August, which is a 10 percent improvement over August of 2010 when the company sold 2,544 units. The Range Rover Sport still leads sales numbers, with 1,199 units sold. This represents an impressive 39 percent increase over August of 2010 when the Range Rover Sport found 860 buyers. The LR4 was also up for the month of August with 608 units sold. This is an 11 percent increase over August of last year when Land Rover retailers moved 549 units. For the year, Land Rover sales are at 22,910 units, up 16 percent compared to 2010.

Land Rover’s Future Sales

There are three known product developments that will have an impact Land Rover’s future U.S. sales. One is immediate, one will appear within a couple of years, and the last will not be seen until 2015.

Immediate (2011): Land Rover retailers will start making deliveries of the 2012 Range Rover Evoque in October. Last we heard, Land Rover had taken well over 20,000 orders worldwide for the all-new Evoque. While we can’t say or sure, it’s anticipated that the Evoque will become Land Rover’s best-selling vehicle. Critical and consumer response to the Evoque has been overwhelmingly positive.

Mid-Term (2013): The PHEV Range_e is scheduled to go into production in 2013 as Land Rover’s first hybrid-electric production vehicle. So far, details are scarce on just how much of the technology will make it to U.S. shores. It would be difficult to imagine Land Rover not introducing hybrid technology to the U.S. in or shortly after 2013. Stay tuned, because RoverGuide will be launching a hybrid Land Rover owner’s portal later this year.

Long-Term (2015+): Land Rover has not yet declared whether or not an all-new Defender will come to U.S. shores, but it’s a good bet that once the redesign has been finalized and production begins, the Defender will be made available to U.S. buyers. Land Rover recently released photos of a potential 2015 Defender. The company stated that the DC100, as it is known, is intended to spur discussion, and does not represent a production-ready concept.

2011 Land Rover Monthly U.S. Sales Totals

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