1971 Land Rover Series III Camper

Despite the obscene amount of time we spend on eBay cruising the Land Rover listings, it has been a while since we’ve shared an eBay find. Maybe it’s our imaginations or maybe it’s just because we pushing into winter and people don’t want to pay to store their old Land Rovers, but there seems to have been a number of unusually nice Series vehicles showing up for sale lately. However, few, if any, are as nice as the one shown here. If you’re looking for an early Series III hunting camper, you will be hard pressed to do better. 

We’re certainly not historians and we’re also not too caught up on making sure every nut and bolt are Solihull originals. But, we know what we like, and we like this. As far as we’re concerned, these vehicles were meant to be used and modified to meet the needs of their owners.

1971 Land Rover Series III
Hunting Camper

First of all, the photographs blew us away. These have to be the best Land Rover photos we’ve seen on eBay, and we’ve been registered on eBay since January of 1998. Not only are there a large number of detailed photos showing the camper both packed and deployed, but they are also beautifully staged and taken. Great job. 

As we have mentioned, the Series III you see below has been fitted as a hunting — or photography — camper with the addition of some modern conveniences. The seller states that the vehicle was restored 2,000 miles ago, but has also seen some use that resulted in a few minor dings and scratches. It’s also right-hand drive, but that certainly shouldn’t prove to be too much of a deterrent to any interested party. Overall, a few dings and the right-hand drive are the only conceivable downsides.

We’re not historians and we’re also not too caught up on making sure every nut and bolt are Solihull originals. But, we know what we like, and we like this.

Unlike many listings, the seller has included a comprehensive overview of the vehicle and the special equipment. A sample of this equipment includes a Honda generator, 40-gallon water tank, power hookups, roof top tent, roll cage, and a removable roof hatch. There are an amazing number of features packed into this little Landy, all of which are documented in the photos.

Listing: 1971 Land Rover Series III Camper

  • Location: Hilton Head island, South Carolina, U.S.
  • Auction Ends: October 30th, 2011
  • Buy It Now: $41,000.00

There are many more excellent photographs on the listing page.

1971 Land Rover Series III Camper Front View

1971 Land Rover Series III Camper Rear View

1971 Land Rover Series III Camper Deployed

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October 26, 2011


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