Land Rover Defender 130 w/ Born Free

Land Rover has a long history of supporting charitable organizations through a variety of means. Land Rover itself donates cash and materials, while employees are encouraged to take part in a charitable payroll deduction plan. According to the company, about 10% of the staff chose to give to charity through payroll deductions in 2009. Land Rover’s most well-known program involves donating vehicles to its five international Conservation Partners, among others.

These Conservation Partners include:


Biosphere Expeditions

Biosphere Expeditions has taken the eco-tourism trend and put it to good use. The organization produces work expeditions that last anywhere from a couple of days to several months. Biosphere Expeditions is currently offering one-week projects in the Azores, Maldives, Musandam, Slovakia, and Western Australia. Two-week expeditions are offered in Altai, Brazil, Honduras, Namibia, Oman, and Peru. Sample days are available in the UK, Germany, and Australia. A majority of the funds paid by expedition attendees are contributed to the local conservation project. The cost to volunteer depends on the location and nature of the project.  For example, a two-week expedition to Namibia to assist with a big cat survey costs about $3,000.00.

How You Can Help – You can support Biosphere Expeditions by taking part in an expedition, making a direct financial or in-kind donation, taking part in fundraising and other events, volunteering your time and skills, or by participating as an intern or placement on a project. Details can be found on the organization’s website.

Biosphere Expeditions Website

Born Free Foundation

The Born Free Foundation is a global wildlife charity dedicated to animal welfare, conservation, education, and the protection of captive wild animals. Born Free supports a number of campaigns. Primary among them is the Zoo Check program, which works to stop captive animal suffering; the Big Cat project, which rescues individual big cats and provides care at sanctuaries; the Elephant project, which works to protect wild elephants and campaign against the exploitation of captive elephants; the Primate project, which rescues orphaned apes, works against the bushmeat and exotic pet trades, and projects wild gorillas; the Wolf project, which works to protect the Ethiopian wolf; the Marine project, which works to protect basking harks, turtles, dugongs, and assists in rescuing stranded cetaceans; and the Bear project, which works to protect polar bears and care for individual bears rescued from exploitive situations.

How You Can Help – You can help the Born Free Foundation by making a donation, joining the organization as a member, using the EasySearch search engine, adopting an animal financially, planned estate giving, and ordering from the Born Free shop. UK resident have more options, including payroll donations and Gift Aid tax benefits. The organizations U.S. arm, Born Free USA, also has multiple methods you can use to support the organization’s mission. Click through to either website to learn more.

Born Free Foundation Website
Born Free USA Website

China Exploration and Research Society (CERS)

The China Exploration and Research Society (CERS) was founded in 1986 to explorer the remote regions of China and neighboring countries. The mission of CERS is to research, conserve, and educate. Recent expeditions have included trips to Mongolia, the Yangtze River source, the Yellow River source, the Mekong River source, and expeditions supporting Silk Road archaeology and speleology (the scientific study of caves). There are no details on the CERS website on how you can support the organization directly, but the website does offers some excellent reading on expeditions, conservation, and research sites.

China Exploration and Research Society Website

Earthwatch Institute

The Earthwatch Institute  is an international environmental charity that supports a variety of programs and initiatives. The organization backs approximately 60 projects in nearly 40 countries, with more than 85% of its budget supporting research and programs. The four main research focuses of Earthwatch are ecosystems, which includes conservation, sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry, and freshwater preservation; climate change; oceans, including coastal ecosystems and marine conservation; and cultural heritage by preserving indigenous sacred spaces and knowledge systems.

How You Can Help – You can help the Earthwatch Institute by joining one of the 120 expedition programs currently available around the world, making a direct financial donation, or attending an Earthwatch event. New expeditions for 2012 include monitoring marmots in the French Alps, investigating the effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on migratory seabirds, and excavating in New Mexico’s Valles Caldera. The cost to attend an expedition varies based on location and the nature of the project.

Earthwatch Institute Website

Royal Geographical Society

Founded in 1830, the Royal Geographic Society supports geographical research, education, fieldwork, and expeditions. The Society has outlined a plan that involves continued geographic research, educating the world’s citizens on the benefits of geographical learning, promoting a wider understanding of geography, supporting the Society’s’ charitable activities, and growing its financial base to enable the Society to support geography in the future.

How You Can Help – You can support the Royal Geographic Society by becoming a member. Membership options include Fellowship, Ordinary, Young Geographer, Postgraduate Fellowship, and there are also gift, corporate, and school memberships.

Royal Geographical Society Website

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August 18, 2011


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