2012 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover has released photos and details on the 2012 Defender. Highlights include a new diesel engine, five new individual option packages, new gloss black “Saw Tooth” alloy wheels, and a new plain black hood option for pickup truck models. Three of the options packages bolster interior comfort and convenience with two additional options added for exterior appearance and off-road performance. You can see a full gallery of 2012 Defender images here.

“The substantial improvements to the Defender in 2007 transformed its on-road refinement and comfort whilst extending its legendary capability off-road for which Defender is synonymous. With the introduction of the new 2.2-litre diesel engine and five option packs, the Defender for 2012 now offers greater customer choice than ever before,” said John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.

The Defender is the quintessential Land Rover and a direct descendant of the original Land Rovers which date back to 1948. Popular with off-road drivers, commercial users, armed forces, and non-government organizations (NGOs), the Defender finds about 25,000 buyers annually worldwide. Recently, the fate of the Defender was put into question due to increasingly stringent emissions, safety, and fuel economy requirements. Those rumors were quickly put to rest (and new speculation sprang to life) when it was announced that a new Defender concept will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show later this year.

New Diesel Engine for 2012

The EU4 emissions rated 2.4-liter diesel is out and a new EU5-compliant 2.2-liter diesel is in. The engine uses improved combustion and engine management systems to produce lower levels of NOx, CO2, and HC. CO2 emissions for the new 2.2-liter engine come in at 266g/km for the Defender 90 and 295g/km for the Defender 110 and 130. In markets that required EU5-compliance, the Defender comes with a diesel particulate filter.

Fortunately, improved emission levels did not come with a hit to performance. The new smaller displacement engine matches the older model’s power, torque, and fuel economy. The engine is rated at 122-horsepower at 3,500 rpm and 265 ft.-lb. of torque at 2,000 rpm. The Defender is certainly not built for speed, but the new engine features comparable performance figures to the outgoing unit, with a 0-60 mph time of 14.7 seconds. Top speed is up 8 mph to 90.

The 6-speed transmission has been retained for 2012.

New Packages and Options

2012 Land Rover Defender Saw Tooth WheelFive new option packages have been added to the Defender for the 2012 model year. Three of the packages focus on increasing the interior comfort of the vehicle with one package offering an appearance upgrade for the exterior. The fifth packages enhances off-road capability. These packages include:

Comfort Pack – The comfort pack adds air conditioning, a CD player with auxiliary input, and the convenience pack, which includes electric front windows and remote central locking.

Interior Pack – The interior pack adds carpeted floors, high line storage box, partial leather seats, and a leather steering wheel. A rear stowage net is included in station wagons and hard tops and the roof appointment pack is included on Defender 90 hard tops.

Leather Pack -The leather pack includes partial leather seats and a leather steering wheel.

Exterior Pack – The exterior pack is an appearance upgrade that adds Brunel grill and headlamp surrounds in addition to a body colored roof, wheel arches, and side runners.

Off-Road Pack – The off-road pack adds ABS, heavy duty rims and MTR tires, tow ball, and an under-ride protection bar.

Additional options come in the form of “Saw Tooth” wheels (pictured) and plain black and plain beige hood options for pickup truck models. The new gloss black “Saw Tooth” alloy wheels feature MTR tires and have been introduced as an option on station wagon and hard top body styles. The plain black hood will be available on pickup trucks models while a plain beige hood has been introduced for Defender 110 double cab pickup truck. Both hoods complement existing hood styles.

Additional details include tinted windows being added to all models, all-LED instrument illumination to increase reliability, a versatile storage shelf system with console options, a robust HVAC system, tall front seats for maximum support, three-passenger second row seats on 110 and 130 models, two-passenger second row seats on 90 models (optional on the 110), and series of seating surface options, including all-vinyl, cloth, and half-leather (optional).

And no, there will be no Defender for the U.S. in 2012. Buyers in the U.S. will have to wait until the next-generation Defender starts rolling off the production line. It is uncertain when that will be, but expectations are that it will be 2 or 3 more model years at a minimum.

2012 Land Rover Defender Front View

2012 Land Rover Defender Rear View

2012 Land Rover Defender 110

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August 12, 2011


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