We know a few drivers who will drive around the block a dozen times looking for easy parking rather than try to parallel park in an available spot. Fortunately, the Range Rover Evoque is one of the growing number of vehicles to offer a solution to parallel parking paranoia. Automated parking assistance features range from guidance systems that make it easier to manually park the car to semi-automatic systems that will take control over the steering system to guide the car into the parking spot semi-autonomously.

Note that U.S. versions of the Evoque have a Parking Aid feature, rather than Park Assist. The Parking Aid provides audible warnings when the vehicle is approaching an obstacle.

Range Rover Evoque Park Assist

As you can see from the video, the Range Rover Evoque uses a semi-autonomous system combined with directional guides that overlay the video screen to aid the driver in parking the car. The Evoque can be parked quickly and safely in spots as short as 1.2 times the length of the vehicle. We say semi-autonomous because while the Evoque will control the steering and keep tabs on distances and obstacles, the driver still has control over acceleration, braking, and gear selection systems.

Semi-automated parking systems have been around for some time but only recently have they become commercially widespread. Toyota and Lexus are largely responsible for popularizing the systems, which have since found their way into a variety of offerings from multiple manufacturers. We’re sure that there will come a day when we get in our “personal transport pods” and nod off as it takes care of all the “driving” for us but hopefully that time doesn’t come too soon.

Below is a transcript of electrical engineer Liam Wilson demonstrating the Park Assist system:

“So we’re in a city environment in Birmingham here to demonstrate the Park Assist feature. The system uses two ultrasonic sensors in the front wheel arches of the vehicle. These sensors are used to gauge the length and width of the slot to see if the car will fit. Searching for a slot on the driver’s side of the vehicle, activating the system with the switch and indicating right, the system will start searching using the ultrasonic sensors. A space has now been found. We’re instructed to drive forward and then stop. Selecting reverse and then taking your hands off the steering wheel, reversing back with care, watching your surroundings. The system takes over the steering. Hands off the wheel. Now selecting drive is instructed by the message display. The steering is still activated by the system and we’re now finished with the parking maneuver. The system is also developed to enable the vehicle to park in a slot which is 1.2 times the vehicle length. After the maneuver is finished there should be 45 centimeters [17.7 inches] at either end of the vehicle.”

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August 5, 2011


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