Last week we looked at Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘Plan for Sustainability.’ Yesterday, we looked at Land Rover’s e_Terrain technologies, which are having a positive impact on Land Rover’s product line. Today, we have two videos that tie the two together. The first video is a recent advertorial that provides an overview of Land Rover’s sustainability plan. It outlines Land Rover’s commitment to the environment and how Land Rover as a business is changing to become more sustainable. As presented in the JLR ‘Plan for Sustainability,’ the 2012 goal for Land Rover is to reduce manufacturing and operating CO2 by 25%, reduce water usage by 10%, and reduce landfill by 25%.

If you have a little more time, the second video provides additional detail into Land Rover’s four-part sustainability effort. The four key initiatives are e_Terrain Technologies, Sustainable Manufacturing, CO2 Offsetting, and Conservation & Humanitarian Projects. e_Terrain Technologies drive vehicle development to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. Sustainable Manufacturing examines the entire life cycle of the products, from raw materials to disposal of the vehicle. CO2 Offsetting offsets assembly CO2 emissions and a portion of vehicle CO2 emissions. The final part, Conservation & Humanitarian Projects, may be what Land Rover is most known for. It aims to promote natural and cultural conservation through assisting a selection of global conservation partners.

Here is a transcript of the introduction:

Consider our world. A living planet. A place of natural wonder. Home to humanity. For over 60 years Land Rover has inspired and helped people to journey far and wide. To enjoy adventures. Push boundaries. Help others. As part of the global community, we have built a special relationship with our world. And with that comes responsibility. That’s why we’re working hard to protect the environment we share. It’s our commitment to our planet.

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