Jaguar Land Rover Our Plan for Sustainability

A while back, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) released a PDF document titled ‘Our Plan for Sustainability.’ Some of the information in this document is now a little dated, but if you are considering purchasing a new Land Rover or Jaguar and are concerned about sustainability and the environment, it is certainly worth the read. The 67 page e-brochure provides a great deal of background on Jaguar and Land Rover around the world and what exactly the company is doing to foster sustainability, conservation, and environmentalism.

Environmental Goals

Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, wrote the introduction letter to the plan and in his introduction he highlights the three driving passions of the JLR corporation:

  • Designing great products
  • Create outstanding experiences for customers
  • Environmental innovation

We’re confident most people are familiar with the first two points, especially given that Land Rover enjoys very high levels of owner satisfaction. Environmental innovations, however, are somewhat more elusive, especially when those innovations are not all centered on the vehicles. One of the environmental goals presented by the plan is to invest £800 million over a five year period in sustainability research and development to reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions. That is a pretty obvious move during these times when environmental concerns are at the forefront. The sustainability does not stop at the products, however. Dr. Speth went on to say that across the company’s UK facilities, the target goal was to reduce operating CO2 emission by 25 percent, waste to landfill by 25 percent, and water consumption by 10 percent before 2012 (from a 2007 baseline).

Hybrid Vehicle Development

Also mentioned in ‘Our Plan for Sustainability’ is JLR’s plan for pursuing a range of hybrid and electric vehicles. The plan states that more than 100 engineers are working specifically on hybrid technologies that include diesel, gasoline, plug-in, and range extended platforms. That’s an exciting prospect, especially if it means that these technologies could spur Land Rover to bring a diesel-hybrid to the U.S. (we would settle for a regular diesel, at the moment). We have seen this development process in the Land Rover Range_e, a plug-in diesel-electric hybrid concept based on the Range Rover Sport. Hybrid Land Rovers are slated to be on their way in 2013 and 2014.

The Range Rover Evoque and Sustainability

Land Rover has been featuring this sustainability message with the all-new 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, which will be on dealer showroom floors this fall. At 28 MPG highway, the Range Rover Evoque is Land Rover’s most fuel efficient model in the U.S. It also makes use of 35 pounds of recycled plastics, interior trim formed from recycled aluminum, and trim fabric that contains recycled polyester. Additional sustainability and fuel economy measures were taken by reducing the weight of the vehicle through the use of aluminum, magnesium, and composite components. Perhaps the most dramatic ‘innovation’ is that the Range Rover Evoque is available on a two-wheel drive platform, but not for the U.S. market.

International Conservation

In addition to vehicle and facility improvements, another major factor in ‘Our Plan for Sustainability’ is Land Rover’s continued support of wildlife and environmental conservation. The company is a long-time sponsor of and partner to a variety of conservation efforts. These programs are particularly active in Africa, but Land Rover’s presence can be felt around the world, perhaps in a way no other automaker has achieved on such a long-term and consistent basis.

Land Rover’s five international conservation partners include:

Biosphere Expeditions – Enables ordinary people to work with scientists on
overseas conservation projects that improve understanding of species and habitats.

Born Free Foundation – A wildlife charity that works to protect threatened
species in the wild and prevent animals from suffering in captivity.

China Exploration and Research Society – Helps to preserve fragile
environments and endangered wildlife in remote regions of China.

Earthwatch – An international environmental charity that supports
scientific field research worldwide.

Royal Geographical Society – A body of academics and professional
geographers that aims to advance geographical learning.

You can download the entire PDF of the ‘Our Plan for Sustainability‘ here.

Jaguar Land Rover Our Plan for Sustainability

[via Land Rover Our Planet]

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