Land Rover Driving School (LR4)

If you happen to live in the right part of the country or are willing to travel, you may be interested in taking part in one of Land Rover’s driving school events. For 2011, there are four owner’s days scheduled. Two (February 27, May 22) are already past, but two more are scheduled for this year (August 28, November 13). At the school, Land Rover owners are accompanied by a professional Land Rover Experience Driving Instructor who will guide you through a series of off-road driving challenges. Steep ascents, descents, tilts, and other off-road encounters are handled.

Individual Driving Programs

Lessons and Trails – Land Rover offers a variety of programs for individuals and groups. Individual lessons come in one and two hour blocks, with a cost of $250 and $400, respectively. Lessons provide practice with basic expedition-style driving skills such as ascents, descents, tilts, creek crossings, rock crawls, and more. A follow-up to the lessons are the trails, which up the challenge and include more advanced driving techniques. Trail rides can be customized based on what you wish to learn or experience. A two-hour trail course runs $400.

Full Day Experiences – There are two full day experiences available. The basic full day experience combines the lessons and experiences mentioned above, but rounds out the program with a picnic lunch, gifts, and a certificate of completion. The full day experience runs $1200 for six hours. The advanced full day experience is actually a second day continuation of the first full day experience. This extra day introduces more advanced techniques such as winching and recovery. The instructors can customize your experience to focus on what you would like to learn. Like the basic full day experience, the cost runs $1200 for six hours.

Corporate Driving Programs

Mission Impossible: Team Building Activity – This three hour course allows your team to work through a scenario created by a Land Rover Instructor. The activities center around off-road driving and outdoor skills and fosters communication between group members. The cost is $250 per person with a minimum of six participants.

Geo-Cache Scavenger Hunt – This three hour event provides navigation, GPS, and compass training to your group, who work to collect hidden items scattered about a wide area. The cost is $250 per person with a minimum of six participants.

Off-Road Challenge Events – This three hour event offers your group a unique set of off-road challenges which can only be successfully overcome by a team. The cost is $250 per person with a minimum of six participants.

Group Lesson – This two hour lesson covers the basics of expedition-style driving and the navigation of off-road terrain, such as ascents, descents, tilts, crossings, and more. The cost is $150 per person with a minimum of six participants.

More information can be found on the official Land Rover Experience Driving School page and the official Land Rover Experience page.

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July 10, 2011


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