Buyers seeking a used Land Rover have a number places to look. Since used Land Rovers are not exactly the most common vehicle on the market, it can pay to search online before you try to visit local used car dealerships. If you have a Land Rover dealership in your area, chances are it will have several recent model year used Land Rovers to choose from. Many times, it comes down to what exactly you are looking for. If you are seeking a 2006 or newer Land Rover, you will probably have luck shopping locally or regionally. If you want something a little older (such as a Defender or a Discovery II), you will probably want to search nationally for the best results.

Search for Used Land Rovers Locally

Local Land Rover retailers offer both regular used and certified pre-owned Land Rovers. Additional local sources include Craigslist and used car listing magazines you can often pick up at local businesses. The downside to local searches is limited inventory. We’re not talking about a Toyota Camry here, so chances are you will have a limited number of vehicles to choose from unless you live in a major metro area. The most significant benefit to shopping locally is that you can inspect the vehicle yourself.

  • Limited vehicle selection unless you live in a major market.
  • You may find the right vehicle at the wrong price with few alternatives.
  • You can inspect and test drive the vehicle personally.
  • Easier to get word-of-mouth feedback on local dealerships before purchasing.
  • Your local used vehicle purchase supports businesses and jobs in your area.
  • It’s greener to buy local, rather than have a car delivered.

Search for Used Land Rovers Nationally

Buyers seeking a used Land Rovers can search online nationally via sources such as eBay. The upside is that inventory is essentially unlimited. Whatever you are looking for is likely out there. The downside is that you might find what you are looking for 2,500 miles away and will have to rely on either the seller or a third-party inspector to ascertain the condition of the vehicle. Not to mention there will be acquisition costs such as delivery on top of the sale price.

  • Nearly unlimited inventory to choose from.
  • You will not be able to personally inspect or test drive the vehicle.
  • An excellent option if shopping certified pre-owned vehicles.
  • You will incur added costs associated with delivery.
  • You can compare many vehicles for condition, features, and price.

Another popular tactic is to shop nationally but buy locally. You can use the national listings to decide exactly what you are looking for in a used Land Rover and then shop locally or regionally for a close match.

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October 19, 2011


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