RoverGuide offers a small but vital selection of buying tools that will help you find and purchase your next used or certified pre-owned Land Rover. But before you explore the links below, we have a few words about pricing a used vehicle.

Shopping for a new Land Rover?

Used Land Rover Prices

One of the most significant issues facing any prospective used Land Rover owner is pricing. At this time, we do not recommend one single used vehicle pricing resource. Because every third-party pricing website has its own methodology behind the prices it displays, our recommendation is to utilize two or three pricing sites (Edmunds, KBB, TrueCar, AutoTrader, etc.) to come up with a composite target price.

Additionally, Craigslist and eBay can be fantastic pricing tools. A little legwork up front can give you a solid idea on how much you should be paying for any used Land Rover. Combine this real world listings information with the methodological pricing data from any of the sources mentioned above, and you can come up with a reliable price range.

Used Land Rover Shopping Resources

If you are purchasing a used or certified pre-owned Land Rover, you can refer to our used vehicle section for pre-purchase and ownership tips. This portion of RoverGuide features a guide on where to find a used Land Rover, the differences between a regular used car and a CPO car, details on Land Rover’s new Select Certified Pre-Owned Program, vehicle history reports, and the ins and outs of extended warranties.

Certified Pre-Owned Land Rovers – Land Rover recently upgraded its certified pre-owned (CPO) program. The new program is called Land Rover Select Certified Pre-Owned and increases CPO warranty coverage to six years and 100,000 miles. The CPO inspection checklist was also improved, and now covers 150 points of interest rather than 140. CPO Land Rovers are only available from authorized dealers.

Vehicle History Reports – Vehicle history reports are an import tool for used Land Rover shoppers. It seems every year the major vehicle history providers add additional information to their reports. If you purchase a CPO Land Rover, a history report is included as part of the 150-point check. Our vehicle history reports page includes information on what is included in a typical report, and provides tips on how you can get a report at no cost.

Extended Warranties – You have two options if you want extended warranty coverage for your Land Rover. The first is to purchase a warranty or service contract from a third-party provider who handles Land Rover vehicles. The second is to “self-warranty” your Land Rover by putting some money away for potential out-of-pocket repair costs. Both options have merit. Get more details in our extended warranty section.

Recall and TSB Research –The NHTSA maintains a database of recall and technical service bulletins (TSB). This information can be helpful not only for owners who want to know if their Land Rover is current on all recalls, but also for potential owners who want to get an idea of what to look out for when purchasing used. Searching the NHTSA database is completely free.

Land Rover Retailer Locator – We have created a custom Google Map which allows you to quickly locate Land Rover retailer in the United States. Zoom in on your location and look for the nearest Land Rover dealer icon. With our locator, you can get directions, contact information, website links, and even read dealer reviews (when available).

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March 14, 2011


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