2013 should be an interesting year for Land Rover. For starters, an all-new fourth generation Range Rover will be hitting the market. While official photos have not yet been released, there are plenty of spy shots that leave little to the imagination regarding how the vehicle will look. Barring any unexpected developments, the rest of Land Rover’s 2013 model lineup will likely be carryovers.

New Land Rover and Range Rover Models

Additional developments over the next several months should include more details on Land Rover’s plans for the Defender Concept 100 (DC100) and the Range Rover Range_e hybrid based on the Range Rover Sport. The company will also likely reveal an expanded Range Rover Evoque lineup that may or may not include a seven-seat Evoque (not likely, according to Land Rover), a convertible, and a high-performance variant. 

2013 Model Year

2013 Range Rover Evoque 5-Door2013 Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque was all-new for the 2012 model year, so it stands to reason there will be no major changes for 2013. Typically, second year updates include incremental improvements to address issues that cropped up during the first year and/or minor updates to the cosmetics (color choices, wheel options, etc.). However, we may see the addition of new models under the Evoque banner, such as a high-performance variant or a convertible. Land Rover has not yet confirmed whether these new models will be put into production.


2013 Range Rover

2013 Range Rover

2013 Range Rover Spy Shot Roundup – Official Photos

The Range Rover gets a fourth generation update for the 2013 model year and we’re still waiting for official photos. However, the spy photographers have been hard at work and their efforts have unmasked the exterior of the Range Rover for the world to see. As was reported early on, the new Range Rover takes some styling cues from the Range Rover Evoque, but still retains a fair bit of the aesthetic DNA that has set Range Rover apart from the competition. 


2013 Range Rover Sport HSE2013 Range Rover Sport

2013 Range Rover Sport Intro & Gallery

The 2013 Range Rover Sport is nearly a direct carryover from the 2012 model year. Changes for 2013 include a new alloy wheel option, some new exterior color choices, and two new interior choices. The cosmetic additions complement the audio and navigation system upgrades that were added to the vehicle for the 2012 model year. Photos of the new 2013 Range Rover Sport have been released, but we’re still waiting on pricing data. 


2013 Land Rover LR4 V82013 Land Rover LR4

Since the Range Rover Sport received little in the way of changes for 2013, we’re expecting the Land Rover LR4 to follow suite. Like the Sport, the LR4 received rather significant upgrades to its audio and navigation systems last year.

1,000,000th Discovery

Land Rover recently celebrates the production of the 1,000,000th Discovery with an expedition that took a convoy of four vehicles from Birmingham to Beijing. You can click here to read more about the Journey of Discovery.


2013 Land Rover LR2 HSE LUX2013 Land Rover LR2

The 2012 Land Rover LR2 was a direct carryover from 2011 and details have been sparse and slow to come. What 2013 holds for the LR2 remains to be seen, but the company did recently celebrate the production of the 300,000th unit.


Other Vehicles (Non-U.S. Market)

2012 Land Rover Defender2013 Land Rover Defender

With a new Defender on schedule for the 2015 model year, we do not expect Land Rover enact any major changes to the current design. We are hoping that over the next 12 months there will be more details released on Land Rover’s plans for the DC100 concept vehicle, as the company recently hinted that the DC100 could become a standalone model


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May 21, 2012


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