Land Rover New Age of Discovery

A bit earlier today we shared via our Facebook and Twitter accounts Motor Trend’s article that spoke about Land Rover’s recently announced New Age of Discovery. The New Age of Discovery is what Land Rover is calling a model expansion under the Discovery (LR4) name. Land Rover hopes to build out the Discovery line much in the same way it has the Range Rover. The teaser video below reveals absolutely nothing about the new Discovery vehicles other than a vague illustration of a heavily stylized silhouette, which you can see in the header image of this post. 

Motor Trend mentioned a few key points about the Discovery that have been brought up in the past.

  • This is part of Land Rover’s desire to greatly expand its model portfolio over the next several years. This process started in earnest with the Range Rover Evoque and continues on with the DC100 (presumably) and now the Discovery line. A larger Evoque dubbed the “Grand Evoque”, an Evoque convertible, and a vehicle to slot in under the LR2 have also been mentioned.
  • The new Discovery line will be fitted with Land Rover’s new aluminum platform, which should shed a lot of pounds off the current LR4’s heavy “Body-Frame” setup that perches a monocoque body on a traditional frame. The transition to this new platform is also speculated to be the reason behind the holdup on the DC100.
  • In North America, the LR4 will likely be renamed back to Discovery. Land Rover dropped the Discovery moniker after determining it had negative reliability connotations and according to JLR us Americans prefer alphabet soup vehicle names.
  • The Discovery will continue to anchor what the company calls its “leisure line” while the Range Rover will helm the “luxury line” and the Defender the “dual purpose line.”
And what of the Freelander (LR2)? Motor Trend suggested it may slot into the Discovery lineup. Land Rover Owner International suggested the same based on recent spy photos.

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