A. Kahn Design’s Land Rover Defender Longnose — more formally known as the Chelsea Truck Company 105 Huntsman Longnose 6.2 V8 — is equipped with 6.2-liter (378 CID) V8 producing 550-horsepower. This considerable power is delivered to the ground via a six-speed electronic gearbox. More info can be found on our previous post regarding the lengthened D90 and at the Chelsea Truck Company (CTC) website (auto-playing music warning). 

A. Kahn Design Green Longnose Rendering

A. Kahn Design Blue Longnose Rendering

A. Kahn Design Red Longnose Rendering

A. Kahn Design Wood Longnose Rendering

A. Kahn Design Orange Longnose Rendering

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February 23, 2014


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