Kahn Design Chelsea Longnose Land Rover

You may have noticed some activity starting up again around RoverGuide. We’re not 100% sure if that activity is going to stick, but we’re hoping to be able to put a little time into the site as our schedules allow. All that aside, this morning RoverGuide received a press release from our friends over at Kahn Design showcasing the new Chelsea Longnose produced by A. Kahn Design’s Coach Building division.  This car instantly reminded us of another fantastic creation: the Bell Aurens Longnose from 2008. So why the long faces? Huge V8 engines, of course!

A 495 550 HP Land Rover Defender 90

If the 2.2L four-cylinder diesel that comes standard in your new Defender 90 just doesn’t quite live up to your horsepower expectations, you have options. There are plenty of shops that will help you massage a little extra performance out of your D90, but you could go to rather extreme lengths and order yourself one of these Chelsea Longnose Defenders as shown below. It’ll bump the horsepower on tap to 495 550 by swapping out the four-cylinder with a V8 engine and a little extra sheet metal. However, you’ll have to wait if you need additional seating space; a 110 variant may — or may not — be in the works.

The price? The Chelsea Longnose starts at £89,950.00 ($147,706.89).

In addition to a little more get-up-and-go, buyers will get a six-speed transmission and improved underpinnings (differential, chassis, etc.), 16-inch or 18-inch wheels, and a hand-trimmed interior. Buyer customization is a hallmark of A. Kahn Design’s work, so what you see in the “stock” package is hardly the limit. The press release that arrived this morning mentioned available integrated satellite navigation, larger wheels, privacy glass, special interior materials, and we’re sure Kahn Design can accommodate pretty much whatever your heart desires as long as your checkbook can keep pace with your dreams. 

The price? The Chelsea Longnose starts at £89,950.00, with prices going up depending on which options the buyer adds. That’s $147,706.89 for our U.S. visitors, as of 8:27 AM on this sunny yet 0°F Tuesday morning. You might have to get your order in quickly, though. Only 49 examples are planned to be built.

Kahn Design Chelsea Longnose

Rough Length Comparison to Stock D90

Chelsea Longnose With Stock D90

The Bell Aurens Longnose

As mentioned, the Chelsea Longnose pictured above isn’t the only longnose Land Rover that has made the rounds. Back in 2008, a couple of German Land Rover lovers came up with the idea for their own longnose. They wanted to stuff a 1,500 HP Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 under the hood, but had to settle for a “paltry” 235 HP Rover V8. Unfortunately, this amazing machine never made it into any sort of production due to the economic downturn. As such, the longnose pictured below is the one and only of its type. EDIT: The video below clearly shows two of these things. Some investigation is in order.

You can read more about it at the Silodrome or watch a video below.

Bell Aurens Longnose

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February 11, 2014


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