2012 Evoque and Discovery 4 Awards

Land Rover continues to gather up awards as the Range Rover Evoque slowly marches towards its first anniversary on October 3rd here in the U.S. (the Evoque’s anniversary is a bit earlier in the UK). Most recently, the Evoque was honored with the 2012 MacRobert Award, which was awarded to Land Rover for its work in designing and manufacturing the smallest Range Rover to date. The Evoque also took home a 2012 Auto Express Award. Not to be outdone, the Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4) also was a top contender in this year’s Auto Express Award series. 

2012 MacRobert Award

As mentioned, Land Rover earned this year’s MacRobert Award due to its work in designing and manfuacturing the Evoque. The MacRobert Award is presented by the Royal Academy of Enginnering (the Academy) and “seeks to recognise innovative ideas in engineering.” The Academy noted the following in regards to the Range Rover Evoque:

Design – The Academy called the Evoque a “striking concept car design” that maintains the ground clearance required to have genuine all-terrain capability. Specifically cited was the underfloor packaging of the exhaist, suspension, chassis, and fuel tank “with millimeter accuracy.”

Efficiency & Technology – The Academy also noted the safety and weight-saving technologies used throughout the vehicle. Specifically mentioned were the use of advanced materials such as ultra high strength boron steel, the magnetorheological shock absorbers*, and the custom Terrain Response system.

Environmental Impact – As far as the manufacturing process was concerned, the Academy noted the Evoque’s environmental performance and life cycle analysis that was performed by Land Rover. The impact assessment allowed the Evoque to be one of just a few cars to receive accreditation from the Vehicle Certification Agency. Also noted was the use of recycled materials.

2012 Auto Express Awards

The 2012 Evoque was named the Auto Express Car of the Year in August of last year.

As if the prestigious MacRobert Award wasn’t enough, the Range Rover Evoque took the top honors in the Auto Express Awards’ Best Compact SUV class. As you may remember, the Evoque was named the Auto Express Car of the Year in August of last year. This marks the second year in a row in which the Evoque has taken the Best Compact SUV class. It outperformed the Freelander 2 (LR2) and the BMW X3 to earn the honor.

“Last year’s Car of the Year is still the one to beat and easily keeps hold of its Best Compact SUV title. The Evoque is all about style, quality and driver appeal. It turns heads like little else, is built superbly and is great fun to drive — a truly brilliant all-rounder,” said Auto Express Editor-in-Chief, Steve Fowler.

2012 Discovery 4 is Auto Express Best Large SUV

2012 makes the third year in a row in which the Discovery was named the top vehicle in the Best Large SUV category.

Enough about the Evoque. Now we’re moving on to the 2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4 here in the U.S.). The Discovery 4 was named the top vehicle in the Auto Express Awards’ Best Large SUV category. This makes the third year in a row in which the Disco was named the top vehicle in that category. The D4 managed to outperform the impressive Porsche Cayenne and the Hyundai Santa Fe to earn the award. This award from Auto Express continues the Discovery’s recent high-profile news cycle that culminated in the production of the 1,000,000th Discovery and the subsequent Journey of Discovery expedition.

“This is the third Auto Express award for Discovery 4, proof that it is one of the best cars in the real world. Nothing can touch its blend of go-anywhere ability, comfort, tremendous practicality and value. A continual programme of development keeps it ahead of the pack and keeps it looking cool, too,” said Fowler about the Discovery 4

The Range Rover was commended in the Luxury Car category.

*A damper filled with magnetorheological fluid which is controlled by a magnetic fluid usually using an electromagnet. Thank you, Wikipedia.

2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 Front View

2012 Range Rover Evoque 2WD Diesel

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