In Case of Emergency: EAT THIS BOOK.

That’s certainly an unusual post title. Fortunately, the unusual title matches the unusual promotional product we’re talking about today. That product is an edible survival guide created by Y&R Dubai (an advertising agency) for Land Rover. So far, Land Rover has sent out 5,000 copies, but the booklet’s popularity has the company looking at wider distribution.

Eat Your Survival Guide

The edible booklet was included as a supplement (no pun intended) to the owner’s manual and provides not only potential calories, but also tips for surviving in the Arabian Desert. The book’s edible paper and ink reportedly contains about the same nutritional value as a cheeseburger, but probably doesn’t taste nearly as good. In addition to being sent to existing owners in the region, Land Rover is also thinking of distributing the booklet through sporting shops and potentially as an insert in an unnamed automotive magazine.

How to Get One?

We would eat the book first and then realize that we just ate the information that could potentially keep us alive.

How can you get your hands on one if you live in the U.S.? That’s a darn good question. We would imagine the booklets will eventually filter onto eBay and Amazon. We’re also not sure how collectible the booklets are since the shelf life on edible paper and ink appears to be only one or two years, even when the paper is bagged.

Excerpts from Land Rover’s Edible Survival Guide

Below are three excerpts from three different sections of the booklet. 


First, ask yourself this question: Will anyone know I’m missing and will they raise the alarm? If you answered ‘Yes’, stay with your car. It will help rescuers find you. If you answered ‘No’, you need to move. Travel at night to save energy and avoid exposure to heat and dehydration.


Protect yourself from the elements with a ‘lean-to’. Secure one end of a piece of cloth (like a sweater) to the ground using wooden pegs. Angle the other end of the material up and fasten it to two upright branches. Place leaves over the material and layer it with cloth for the best insulation from the sun. The angle of the shelter should be low enough to form a dead space between you and the sun.


Birds are a good source of protein and they are all safe to eat. They are literally the closest thing to chicken, but with a gamey taste. The problem, of course, is catching them. If you see birds on the ground, be patient and make no sudden movements. Get closer slowly and use a piece of clothing as a net. 

The booklet goes on to note that an average game bird comes in at 200 calories per 100 grams, just in case you’re watching your figure while attempting to survive while lost in the Arabian Desert. Of course, in our case, it wouldn’t matter much anyway because we would eat the book first and then realize that we just ate the information that could potentially keep us alive.

In Case of Emergency: EAT THIS BOOK.

[via Popsop, et. al.]

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