High Performance Range Rover Evoque Sport

Once again, the rumors of a high performance variant of the Range Rover Evoque are making the rounds. Land Rover’s Design Director Gerry McGovern was quoted by Auto Express saying an “overtly sporty [Evoque]” is possible. This isn’t the first time rumors of a high performance Evoque made the rounds. Back in November of last year the automotive blogosphere was speculating that Land Rover could produce a performance Evoque as part of a new performance division under the “R” banner used by Jaguar.

A Sporty Evoque

As it turns out, this rumor wasn’t far off from the mark. It’s now likely that the rumored “performance division” is really Jaguar Land Rover’s Engineered To Order program that most recently revealed the Range Rover Evoque Special Edition (a.k.a. the Posh Rover) and the Jaguar XKR-S. Both of these vehicles were on display recently in Beijing. Whether or not a high performance Evoque would fall under the ETO banner remains to be seen, however.

The Evoque Sport would offer roughly 300 horsepower and an even sportier look.

Chances are the Evoque Sport, as it is now being called, would offer around 300 horsepower, an improved exhaust system, upgraded brakes, unique wheels, a lowered suspension, sharper handling characteristics, an aerodynamic body kit, and (dare to dream) a manual transmission for the U.S. market. Pretty standard fare, other than that manual transmission bit we slipped in there.

Evoque Variant Rumor Roundup

So, here’s the Range Rover Evoque variant rumor roundup as we know it today:

Range Rover Evoque Convertible ConceptMAYBE: A high performance Range Rover Evoque Sport seems like a natural extension of the already sleek Evoque. Aftermarket design firms that specialize in Land Rover vehicles have taken to the Range Rover Evoque in a big way and JLR just announced its Engineered To Order division. If there is any barrier to an Evoque Sport, it would be its larger sibling, the Range Rover Sport.

NO, ACCORDING TO LAND ROVER: We’ve also seen rumors of a Grand Evoque that would seat seven passengers. This rumor was reportedly quashed by John Edwards, Land Rover’s Global Brand Director. But, what Land Rover says and what Land Rover ends up doing does not always correlate, so there’s still a little hope for those of you who would like two additional seats in your Evoque. We actually rendered our version of a Grand Evoque back in December.

MAYBE: Next, we had the Range Rover Evoque Convertible — which we have taken to calling the Convoque — which has seen the light of day as a concept. We should be hearing any week now as to whether this vehicle will go into production. On the upside, it looks great. On the downside, the only vehicle like it on the market to date — the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet — has been a slow seller.

CONFIRMED: There is also the aforementioned Range Rover Special Edition (pictured below) that was recently unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in China. The Evoque SE has been green lit for 200 copies worldwide at $129,000.00 per, of which only five will make it to U.S. shores. While there’s nothing overtly unique about the Evoque SE, it does mark Land Rover’s continuing desire to move even further upmarket with its product range.

 2012 Range Rover Evoque Special Edition

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