Land Rover April 2012 Sales

Two years of upward momentum continues for Land Rover in April. The brand as a whole was up 10 percent over April of 2011 with 3,292 sales. This brings Land Rover’s 2012 running sales total to 13,951 units, which is a 24 percent improvement over last year. Land Rover’s April sales combined with the Jaguar brand put Jaguar Land Rover up only 3 percent for the month. However, JLR is up 22 percent year-to-date.

2012 Evoque Up Slightly

The 2012 Range Rover Sport finally gave up a little ground to the Range Rover Evoque but still remains the volume leader with 1,199 units sold. This is down 10 percent from April 2011. The 2012 Range Rover Evoque was up slightly over last month with 806 sales. In March of this year, the Evoque found 785 buyers. The 2012 Land Rover LR4, 2012 Land Rover LR2, and the 2012 Range Rover were not specifically mentioned in the latest press release issued by Jaguar Land Rover.

“Jaguar Land Rover’s April U.S. sales this year were marginally higher than last year, helped by strong Range Rover Evoque sales,” said Andy Goss, President, Jaguar Land Rover North America. “For the year we continue to see strength across the luxury sector with both Jaguar and Land Rover notching double digit gains in the U.S. market.”

Jaguar Down 14 Percent

Jaguar moved 1,073 units in April, down 14 percent from April of 2011. Last year, the brand logged 1,249 units for the month. This brings Jaguar’s total sales figure to 4,401 for the year, which is up 17 percent over the first four months of 2011 when the brand had found only 3,750 buyers. The volume leader in April for Jaguar was the Jaguar XJ, which scored 501 new owners. 

2012 Land Rover Monthly U.S. Sales Totals

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