2012 Journey of Discovery - Kazakhstan to China

It’s official, Land Rover’s Journey of Discovery has passed through a total of 12 countries and has finally reached China, the 13th country on the route. However, the team is not out of the woods yet… literally. The most direct route to Beijing from the expedition’s current position in Kashgar, China, still measures approximately 2,500 miles. Considering the team reportedly logged a good 6,000+ miles as of last week, it looks like they’ll end up breaking the 8,000-mile estimate by the time the journey is over. Also, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition starts on the 23rd of April, so they may pick up the pace a little to ensure a timely arrival. 

Leading Up to Auto China

The expedition is celebrating the 1,000,000th Discovery and its off-road capabilities.

As mentioned, the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China) officially opens for the press on April 23rd, for the industry on the 25th, and for the public on the 27th. Held every two years, the globally recognized auto show offered Land Rover a prime destination for celebrating the 1,000,000th Discovery with an expedition inspired by the Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition (also known as the First Overland Expedition). 

As you can see, the Journey of Discovery is quite the multi-faceted endeavor. Most importantly, the expedition seeks to raise $1.6 million for a water sanitation project in Uganda. Secondly, the expedition is celebrating the 1,000,000th Discovery and the capable heritage on which the vehicle is built. Thirdly, the journey is building awareness in an extremely important region of the world when it comes to future growth. It is speculated that China will eventually eclipse the UK as Jaguar Land Rover’s largest market.

Navigating Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan was the final country on the list before passing into China.

2012 Journey of Discovery - Torugart Frontier Road

Torugart Pass (Kyrgyzstan)

2012 Journey of Discovery - Lake Issyk-Köl Bioshpere Reserve

Lake Issyk-Köl Bioshpere Reserve (Kyrgyzstan)

2012 Journey of Discovery - Ala-Archa National Park

Ala-Archa National Park (Kyrgyzstan)

2012 Journey of Discovery - Yurt

2012 Journey of Discovery - Yurts

 Unpacking and Building Traditional Yurts (Kyrgyzstan)

2012 Journey of Discovery - North Tien-Shen Mountains

North Tien-Shen Mountains (Kyrgyzstan)

2012 Journey of Discovery - Kazakhstan to China

The team reported that the dust was so thick in places each car drove over a mile apart.

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