2012 Journey of Discovery - Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

The Journey of Discovery traveled through the deserts of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan last week and along the way snapped some of the best photos yet. As they make their way from Birmingham to Beijing, the ten team members of the expedition have encountered many different types of terrain and weather conditions. From modern urban streets to snow-covered mountain pathways, the four 2012 Discovery 4 (LR4) SUVs have taken it all in stride. As you can see by the photos below, last week the team found smooth pavement, ancient city byways, potholed roads, and long stretches of desert tracks. 

1,750 Miles to Go

Assuming no major delays as it heads towards China, the convoy should arrive in Beijing just in time for the Beijing Auto Show.

So far the team has logged over 6,250 miles, which means it has passed the half-way mark. Assuming no major delays as it heads towards China, the convoy should arrive in Beijing just in time for the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

If you have been following the Journey of Discovery, you’ll know that the team is not only celebrating the production of the 1,000,000th Land Rover Discovery, but also attempting to raise $1.6 million for a water sanitation project in Uganda. The water sanitation project is being administered by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), one of Land Rover’s Global Humanitarian and Conservation Partners. You can find out more about the fundraising effort on Land Rover’s 1,000,000th Discovery page.

2012 Journey of Discovery Meets Camels

The Journey of Discovery encounters camels on its way to the Aral Sea. The team noted that the camels trotted along with the convey for a time at 26 MPH.

2012 Journey of Discovery Fueling

The Journey of Discovery carries spare fuel supplies, but must rely on local filling stations to keep the motor running. The 80 octane fuel wasn’t ideal, but did the job. This reminded us of our LR3, which goes into “Reduced Engine Performance” mode if we have to put 87 in the tank. Nothing a 30-minute battery disconnect doesn’t fix!

2012 Journey of Discovery at the Aral Sea

2012 Journey of Discovery at the Aral Sea

Abandoned boats lend an eerie and sad beauty to the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea has all but disappeared over the past several decades after rivers that fed the lake were diverted for irrigation. The remnants of the lake are located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. 

2012 Journey of Discovery in Uzbekistan

The Journey of Discovery team has encountered all types of road conditions. Here the team navigates rough ditches to get on a smoother track. Anything to make up for time lost to weather and border bureaucracy.

2012 Journey of Discovery Potholed Roads

Of course, not all roads are as smooth as the one shown in the previous photo. Here, the Journey of Discovery team navigates a rough stretch of pavement between Bukhara and Tashkent.

2012 Journey of Discovery on the Silk Road

For a time, the Journey of Discovery traveled along the famed Silk Road in Uzbekistan. Here the vehicles pass colorful buildings in Samarkand. The Silk Road — actually a network of trading routes — was named for the Chinese silk trade.

2012 Journey of Discovery Passes a Convoy

Having off-road capability at your disposal makes makes travel much more expedient at times. On their way to Uzbekistan the team bypasses a slow moving convey of heavy trucks. We can only imagine the drivers of those trucks wished they could trade places with the expedition team. We know we do!

2012 Journey of Discovery near Kazakhstan

More dirt roads near the border of Kazakhstan. We’re not sure what make or model that grey van is, but it looks like it has seen plenty of rugged roads itself.

2012 Journey of Discovery in Uzbekistan

Sometimes the “road” devolved into little more than pair of ruts.

2012 Journey of Discovery in Uzbekistan

Just a bit of the natural beauty encountered along the way.

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April 10, 2012


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