Land Rover Celebrates 25 Years at NYIAS

Twenty five years ago, Land Rover introduced its brands to North America. Of course, Land Rover models had trickled into North America before the official launch, but 1987 marked the onset of Land Rover’s permanent official presence. Now, in 2012, Land Rover is using the New York International Auto Show to help celebrate the past quarter century. 

Urban Off-Road

As we mentioned earlier this week, Land Rover was taking the media and other invited guests through the urban off-road course it has constructed in the heart of New York City’s meatpacking district. The off-road course allowed drivers to experience not only the current Land Rover lineup, but also selections from its Heritage Fleet. You can see photos of the ‘Urban Jungle’ course by visiting our “Land Rover Creates Urban Off-Road Course for NYIAS” post.

“The outlook for the company in this its 25th anniversary year in the US is strong and deserving of recognition here in New York City, our largest metro Range Rover market in the world,” said Kim McCullough, Brand Vice President, Land Rover North America. “With the renewed focus, enthusiasm and energy that the company holds for the brand, I have no doubt the next 25 years will be as strong as the last.”

An Expedition-Style DC100

The new DC100 look features a Journey of Discovery paint job, roof rack full of off-road gear, snorkel, off-road tires, and an integrated front-mounted winch.

Additional celebrations were centered on a VIP event that brought out a variety of celebrities, but we honestly don’t care too much about that around here. What we are interested in, however, is the appearance of a new expedition-style Defender Concept 100 (DC100) that is making its debut at the 2012 New York event.

The new DC100 concept wears a paint scheme echoing the look found on the 1,000,000th Discovery vehicles currently on their way to Beijing via the Journey of Discovery. The expedition-style DC100 also features a roof rack full of off-road equipment, snorkel, off-road tires, and an integrated front-mounted winch. We’ve seen this general look before back around the time of the Los Angeles Auto Show, but this is the most  expeditionary version yet. This all gets back to our new Land Rover Wish List that mentioned reconciling the DC100 with the Defender’s heritage.

Downplaying the DC100 Sport?

This brings up another item of note. Land Rover seems to be downplaying the “California cool” (Land Rover’s words) DC100 Sport. It has been a while since we have seen anything significant of the roadster version of the Defender Concept, but we can’t say we’re missing the Sport all that much. While the DC100 has grown on us — even after hearing it will share platforms with a couple of Tata models — the DC100 Sport always seemed a little off, to put it diplomatically.


 Expedition-Ready DC100 Concept

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