Ramirez Land Rover "Five By Five" Project

We have never really gotten into Tumblr here at RoverGuide. Between Facebook, Twitter, and a dash of Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest, we have about reached our social media saturation point. Of course, it’s easier for a company like Land Rover. Like all automakers, Land Rover has a virtual army of in-house and outsourced PR people, not to mention marketing dollars that far exceed our lavish two-figure monthly budget. That said, it’s about time the company got around to publishing a good Tumblr page. 

To help kick off the Tumblr launch, Land Rover enlisted the help of five photographers in what it is calling the “Five By Five” photography project. Land Rover selected five “socially connected” photographers and hooked them up with Land Rover vehicles, including selections from its Heritage Fleet. Photographers were selected based on their “photography style, experience, Tumblr presence, and vision.” The resulting photography now appears on the Tumblr page. 

“Land Rover is excited to launch on Tumblr with Five By Five because it is such a unique project that highlights our vehicles in a creative and artistic way,” said Ken Bracht, Marketing Communications Manager, Land Rover North America. “We chose to maximize Tumblr as our new social media channel because it fosters engagement, and with this project, allows enthusiasts to share and follow the journeys of each photographer as they experience our vehicles through the eyes of a lens.”

The “Five By Five” Photographers

Land Rover selected five photographers and hooked them up with Land Rover vehicles. 

The five photographers selected for the project include Adam Goldberg out of Los Angeles (Range Rover Sport), Frances Tulk-Hart out of New York City (Range Rover), Jayms Ramirez from San Francisco (Range Rover Evoque), Chris McPherson from Phoenix (LR4, and the only photographer so far to take their Land Rover off the pavement), and Zack Arias out of Asheville. At the moment, the photos by Arias are “Coming Soon” but there is a sampling from the other artists available. Stylistically, we would have to say our favorite photos so far come from Ramirez, whose work you can see sampled in our header image. As far as theme, we would have to go with McPherson.

See all the photos on Land Rover’s official Tumblr page.

Land Rover on Tumblr

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March 30, 2012


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