2013 Range Rover Front View

If you are a regular RoverGuide reader, you will know that the 2012 Range Rover marks the last of the third generation and when the 2013 model year rolls around, Land Rover will be releasing an all-new fourth generation Range Rover. Over the past couple of months, various Internet publications from around the world have been snapping spy photos and even a few videos of the 2013 Range Rover while it undergoes testing. Today, we’re rounding up some links that give us a glimpse of things to come. 

First of all, we have our own “what we know so far about the 2013 Range Rover” post that talked about what we can expect to see this fall when the new model is unveiled. That post was uploaded in September, so a great deal more information has been released, spied, and speculated since that time. So far, there are no confirmed photos of the 2013 Range Rover without its “digital zebra” camouflage, but enough has been revealed to get a pretty good idea of what we’ll be seeing when the disguise is dropped. 

UPDATE 8/19/2012: Land Rover has revealed official photos.

2013 Range Rover Spy Photos

If what we’re seeing holds true, the 2013 Range Rover will not simply be a scaled up Evoque.

Once you’ve seen a few spy shots of a particular model during a particular phase of testing you’ve pretty much seen them all. As such, we’ve included just a couple of links that show the Range Rover wearing its heavy camouflage. Some of the more recent spy shots come from CarScoop, which has some good photos from early February, including a couple that sneak a view of the interior. MotorAuthority also has a few similar spy shots, but with less camouflage on the grill.

For more spy shot links, visit our “what we know so far” post mentioned earlier.

CAR Magazine

As interesting as those two links above are, it comes as no surprise that a UK publication is the one who would break the best spy photos of project L405, as it is known. CAR Magazine has several shots of the 2013 Range Rover revealing pretty much everything except the details. We can definitely see some Evoque’ian influences coming through, but if what we’re seeing holds true, the new Range Rover will not simply be a scaled up Evoque.

CAR Magazine 2013 Range Rover Spy Photo

2013 Range Rover Vogue leaked? Probably not.

InAutoNews also revealed what was supposedly leaked photos of the 2013 Range Rover Vogue by an Italian publication. However, we believe these to actually be renderings of the Range Rover Grand Evoque, a project that Land Rover has said isn’t happening. The general lines we’re seeing in the “Range Rover Vogue” rendering below don’t match up well with the camouflaged Range Rover currently being tested. 

2013 Range Rover Vogue Leaked Photo

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March 26, 2012


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