Journey of Discovery: Ukraine to Russia

Land Rover’s Journey of Discovery wrapped up its time in the Ukraine and headed into Russia this week. While in the Ukraine, the expedition team visited the abandoned city of Pripyat and the Exclusion Zone around the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. On April 26th,1986, reactor number four at the plant exploded, releasing enormous quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere. The city of Pripyat and the surrounding areas were evacuated, but the human and environmental toll would take decades to fully realize. 

After its authorized tour of the Exclusion Zone, the Journey of Discovery team went on to visit another piece of Soviet history, the submarine holding pens at Balaklava. The once-secret base is the former home of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. The submarine base has been preserved as a museum and the Journey of Discovery team was allowed special permission to drive the narrow tunnels of the base.

Into Russia

The team wrapped things up in Tula with some unique Journey of Discovery gingerbread.

After departing Balaklava, the team continued on to Tula in Russia, the birthplace of author Leo Tolstoy. On the way, the team found a snow-covered collection of approximately 300 Soviet cars owned by Mikhail Krasinets, a former factory rally and test driver for the now-defunct Russian automaker Moskvich. While finding a 300-car collection would certainly be the highlight of any automotive enthusiast’s day, the team wrapped things up with some specially made Journey of Discovery gingerbread. A happy end after several days of visiting the bleak landscape of Chernobyl.

Next stop: Moscow.

About the Journey of Discovery

Land Rover is undertaking an 8,000-mile expedition from Birmingham to Beijing to celebrate the 1,000,000th Discovery. Along the way, the team will visit over a dozen countries and hopes to raise $1.6 million for a water sanitation project in Uganda. You can help Land Rover meet its goal by visiting the 1,000,000th Discovery website

 Journey of Discovery: Submarine Base

Navigating the narrow tunnels in the former submarine base at Balaklava. 

Journey of Discovery: Submarine Base

The Journey of Discovery team received special permission to drive into the base, where they explored the once-secret submarine holding pens. 

Journey of Discovery: Ukraine to Russia

You never know what you may find at the end of a snow-covered trail.

Journey of Discovery: Soviet Cars

An impressive collection of Soviet automotive history sits in stark contrast to the Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4). Land Rover’s native counterpart in Eastern Europe is made by UAZ in Ulyanovsk, Russia. The collection shown above is near the Tula Oblast region. 

Journey of Discovery: Ginerbread

Special Journey of Discovery gingerbread from Tula. Looks tasty!

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