Firenze Red DC100 at Geneva

While prepping for the Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover took the opportunity to show off its Defender DC100 Concept outfitted with snow and ice accessories. Accessories shown in the photos include snow tires and a roof/ski rack. Missing from the front of the Firenze Red hardtop is the integrated winch we have seen on other photos. Also missing from Geneva is the DC100 Sport, Land Rover’s take on a roadster variant of the new Defender. Of course, an open-top roadster doesn’t exactly lend itself to cruising around in the snow, so that’s completely understandable. 

Snow vs. the DC100

We’re still wondering just how much a tire would cost with an inflatable spike system embedded in it. 

We’ve talked about the technology under the skin of the DC100 before, but there are a few systems that specifically lend themselves to winter driving. An adjustable air suspension can help the DC100 ride over deep snow and drifts, the automated Terrain Response system offers on-the-fly adjustments to the DC100’s terrain handling characteristics, and on-demand tire spikes would make driving on ice much less perilous. There is also the Wade Aid system that judges water depth and aids with water crossings, but there’s been no indication so far that the sonar systems is capable of judging snow depth. On a side note, we’re still wondering just how much a tire would cost with an inflatable spike system embedded in it. 

Firenze Red DC100 Gallery


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