2012 Range Rover Evoque Coupe Dynamic

Having grown up watching Series Land Rovers bounce around Africa on the Discovery Channel — believe it or not, the Discovery Channel used to be mostly about the destination rather than whatever living cartoon characters(s) they have hosting the show — it’s going to be somewhat difficult not to assume a snarky tone with today’s news, but here goes. Land Rover North America recently announced that Range Rover was the official automotive sponsor of the Marchesa Fall 2012 fashion show as part of New York’s Fall 2012 Fashion Week event.

Do you want to know what we know about fashion? Not a blessed thing. But we do know that Land Rover vehicles certainly appeal to a variety of different demographics and that Land Rover has been actively pushing the Range Rover brand into the urban/fashion/famous-for-being-famous markets. Some would say this is happening at the expense of the brand’s original off-road heritage. We must admit, we wouldn’t be ones to disagree with whomever may say such a thing. That aside, this is what Kim McCullough, Brand Vice President at Land Rover North America had to say about the sponsorship: 

“Land Rover always looks forward to the energy, excitement and amazing style that this week of fashion brings to New York. We are very pleased to once again partner with Marchesa, a brand that shares the characteristics and values of our Range Rover vehicles, namely those of luxury, quality and style, and offer our top consumers an exclusive opportunity to experience fashion at its finest.”

Combine our complete lack of interest in the fashion industry unto itself with Land Rover not posting a press release until the same day as the event and you have a recipe for late news. Apparently, the Marchesa show came and went on Wednesday the 15th. Range Rover’s responsibilities as the official automotive sponsor of Marchesa Fall 2012 involved carting around VIP and celebrity guests who attended the fashion show at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Range Rover also provided a “select group of brand loyalists” with the opportunity to attend the exclusive event.

A “New Generation of Brand Enthusiasts”

You can’t sustain a global automotive company based on niche buyers who hold on to their vehicles and do their own maintenance and repair work.

This fashion sponsorship is all part of Land Rover’s quest to target a “new generation of [Range Rover] brand enthusiasts” who are centered firmly on the street rather than the trail. We have a feeling that we may need to develop some fashion industry knowledge in order to keep up with Range Rover in the future. We’re assuming there’s something on the Discovery Channel that can get us up to speed. Perhaps “America’s Toughest Fashion Trucker Idol” hosted by some tattooed cupcake-making “badass.”

Ultimately, it comes down to the long-term survival of the company. These days, you can’t sustain a global automotive company based on niche buyers who tend to hold on to their vehicles and do most of their own maintenance and repair work themselves (farmers, off-roaders, enthusiasts, etc.). Getting new blood into the Land Rover and Range Rover brands will be essential for the long-term health of the company. Also, we really don’t care what anybody drives or for what reason. We don’t even have anything against those Jeep guys…

Georgina Chapman with Range Rover Evoque

Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman has a history with Range Rover, having worked as one of the “City Shapers” who helped launch the 2012 Range Rover Evoque to the urban market. Here she is with a Colima Green Range Rover Evoque at the pre-New York Auto Show event in April, 2011.


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February 17, 2012


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Range Rover Evoque

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