Getting Light Under the Hood

So here we have our 2006 Land Rover LR3 HSE which does not have a factory light under the hood. I could go on a little rant about how a $55,000.00 truck didn’t come with a light under the hood, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day. After having owned more than my share of shall we say “questionable” vehicles in the past (the LR3 is not one of them), I have developed a keen interest in keeping the oil level right where it should be.

Unfortunately on the LR3 it was something of a challenge to check the oil at night due to the lack of a light. So rather than fumble around with a flashlight, I stopped by the local hardware store and picked up one of these Sylvania DOT-it lights with a self-adhesive backing. On the LR3, there’s a perfect place to stick it on the plastic shroud near the dipstick, as you can see in the photos. 

Self-Adhesive Tap Lights

Sylvania DOT-it LightThese small lights are sometimes called “tap lights” or “puck lights” and cost about $10.00, depending on the brand and style. The little Sylvania DOT-it self-adhesive LED light I purchased is about two inches wide and has three brightness settings. While not overly bright even when all three LEDs are lit, there is enough light to check and top off the oil. You can pick these lights up just about anywhere, including online at Amazon and locally at Walmart or at a hardware store like True Value. There are several variations of this light, including bar-shaped lights, lights with swivel mounts so you can point the light where you need it, and motion sensing lights.

In addition to the Sylvania product, Energizer makes a “Professional” tap light, but I doubt it is worth the extra dollars. So far vibration, dirt, moisture, cold, and heat have not had any impact on the Sylvania light’s performance and it is going on two years without having to change the batteries. 

No Light

The dipstick is somewhere down in the black hole. 

No Light Under Hood

With the DOT-it Light

Much better. The engine shroud, oil filler, and dipstick are now illuminated. 

Light Under Hood

Checking the Oil

My camera is a little overzealous on the contrast when taking photos without the flash. There is plenty of light to see the oil filler hole and the dipstick tube. 

Light for Checking Oil

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February 4, 2012


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