Our 200th Post!

It’s really amazing how quickly time goes by. It seems like yesterday we were still working out what to call this thing and putting the first few posts together. So, it was with a little bit of surprise that after logging in today we noticed the post counter sat at 199! That means this is officially our 200th entry on RoverGuide, and that doesn’t count any of the non-blog pages.

The 100th Post
and Today’s Topics

Looking back, our 100th post came and went so fast we didn’t even notice it happen. The 100th article was probably our New Land Rover Wish List that was posted in late October. Since then, we’ve already covered the top 10 posts of 2011 as selected by our readers as a “year in review” article so today we’re going to look at a handful of our favorite articles posted to RoverGuide.

A Few of Our Favorites

An Interview with Overland Experts’ CEO Bruce Elfstrom – A must read article for anyone who is interested in recreational 4×4 driving or overlanding. We asked Bruce about his company, off-road vehicles, the future of off-roading, off-road technology, and more.

Land Rover Concepts, Part 1 and Part 2 – Land Rover has a decent track record of creating concept vehicles that are (mostly) grounded in reality. These two articles take a look at the DC100 and DC100 Sport (Defender), Range Stormer (Range Rover Sport), Land Rover LRX (Range Rover Evoque), and the Land Rover Land_e virtual concept (technologies). A more in-depth look at the LRX can be found here.

Land Rover LRX Concept SketchWhere to Find Land Rover Owner’s Manuals and Documents – If you’ve ever had to replace the printed owner’s manual for your Land Rover, you’ll know firsthand that they are not inexpensive. Fortunately, Land Rover has made many ownership documents, including the handbooks, available for free online. Unfortunately, Land Rover doesn’t make them easy to find, so we created a step-by-step guide.

Defender DC100 Truck and Four-Door Renderings – After the DC100 was revealed to the public we did a couple of renderings. The first was of the DC100 as a pickup truck. The second was the DC100 as a four-door with half-doors. We came pretty close to prognosticating the DC100 Sport with our pickup truck rendering, but we have as yet to see an official four-door Defender Concept 100.

75 Scenic Places to Drive Your Land Rover in the U.S. – We like taking road trips, so we’re always on the lookout for interesting places to drive. Most of these are scenic routes, but there are also a few 4×4-only trails mixed in. Even so, none of the trails require any vehicle modifications beyond off-road tires.

Our 200th Post!

Thank you for visiting RoverGuide.

February 2, 2012


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