Glacier in a Greenhouse Defender 110

Back in late November, Land Rover UK announced the launch of the 2012 ‘Go Beyond’ Bursary.  The ‘Go Beyond’ Bursary is operated by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and provides a total of  £30,000.00 (approximately $46,300.00) in funding along with the use of a Land Rover Defender 110. The RGS is one of Land Rover’s Global Humanitarian & Conservation Partners

About the ‘Go Beyond’ Bursary Competition

To have a shot at winning the bursary, teams must create an expedition plan that takes them “beyond their limits and boundaries” but also features the Defender 110 as an integral part of the journey. Previous ‘Go Beyond’ Bursary winners include Glaciers in a Greenhouse (2011), which used the funds to research a glacier in Iceland that has not been studied for over 15 years; Fault Line Living (2010), which explored the challenges facing people living along unstable fault lines; Atlantic Rising (2009), which traveled potential ocean coastlines that will develop if sea levels and climate change continue; and Latitude (2008), which used their Defender to travel along 50° North through Europe, Asia, and Canada.

The bursary itself is £15,000.00 (approximately $23,200.00), but applicants can apply for additional discretionary funding of up to £15,000.00 to pay expedition-related expenses. The application deadline is February 3rd, 2012, and interviews will begin in March and take place in London.  

Teams can apply here

Glacier in a Greenhouse Defender 110

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