Firenze Red DC100 and DC100 Sport - Delhi Auto Expo 2012

The DC100 and DC100 Sport concepts have made their Indian debut at the Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi. As we reported late last year, Jaguar Land Rover opted for the New Delhi show over Detroit. The vehicles remain essentially unchanged from what we saw at the LA Auto Show with the exception of a few cosmetic alterations. Most significantly, both concepts shown in New Delhi are coated in Land Rover’s bright Firenze Red and the DC100 Sport is now outfitted with zebra-striped seating surfaces.

The other notable change is that Land Rover’s media materials are now referring to the DC100 by its full Defender Concept 100 and Defender Concept 100 Sport names. The likely intention is, of course, to help ease the transition from DC100 concept to eventual Defender reality. Also, once again, Land Rover took the mixed message route by juxtaposing the original Defender’s heritage with “California cool.” For example, Land Rover likened the Defender Concept 100 Sport to “early canvas-roofed Land Rovers with their fold-down windscreens” while in the same breath calling it “bursting with California cool.”

DC100 Still Controversial

The DC100 Sport has a tough uphill climb ahead of it that will take all of the vehicle’s off-road prowess to conquer.

Throughout the web, the DC100 is still quite the controversial vehicle. We’ve noted that the DC100 hardtop has gained some ground in the opinion department based on a growing familiarity and the understanding that Land Rover’s concepts are driven by future business goals. Our own opinion of the DC100 hardtop as a Defender replacement has improved ever since Land Rover got rid of the ridiculous wheel/tire combo and leaked promising photos of an “expedition’ish” DC100 hardtop prior to the LA Auto Show. 

The DC100 Sport, however, has a tougher uphill climb ahead of it that will take all of the vehicle’s off-road prowess to conquer. In short, the Sport version of the DC100 is being presented unapologetically as a California toy. By the tone of the commentary found throughout the web, this approach has not synced up well with the Defender’s history.

Successful Interpretations

All that said, other manufacturers have enjoyed smoother transitions while adapting well-regarded classic vehicles to modern interpretations. The Ford Mustang, MINI Cooper, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Volkswagen New Beetle, and the Fiat 500 — while not without their detractors — are widely regarded as having met with the approval of their demanding enthusiast following.


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