Land Rover Manuals

Have you lost your owner’s manual or purchased a used Land Rover or Range Rover that didn’t come with documentation? If you’ve looked into purchasing a handbook from a Land Rover retailer, you’ll know that they are not inexpensive. Occasionally you can find a handbook on eBay if you want a printed copy, but Land Rover maintains a free database of owner’s manuals and other documentation on its TOPIx website. Unfortunately, the TOPIx system is not exactly user intuitive. It takes no less than 10 steps to get to the actual pages of the owner’s manual.

Depending on your vehicle’s model and year, you may also have access to the quick start manuals, accessory manuals, warranty documentation, service booklets, etc. For information more advanced than owner’s manuals — such as technical documentation — you must pay to subscribe to the TOPIx system.

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Owner’s Manuals

Click Here to Access Land Rover TOPIx (a new window or tab will open)

1. Select your language.

If you have visited the TOPIx system recently, the website may automatically skip you to step number three. If not, select your language here. We have selected “English.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 1

2. Select your country.

We have selected “United States.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 2

3. Select your vehicle.

The first drop down menu will show a list of available vehicles. In the next step you will be able to select you vehicle’s model year. We have selected “Range Rover Evoque.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 3

4. Select your vehicle’s model year.

Model years for vehicles that are or were not available in your country may appear in this list. If the vehicle is or was not available in your market, there might not be a manual available (although there could be other documentation available, such as accessory guides). We have selected “2012.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 4

5. Select the Owner tab.

The only useful tab for users without a TOPIx subscription will be the “Owner” tab in the top right corner of the screen, as marked by the arrow. We have selected the “Owner” tab.

Land Rover Manuals Step 5

6. Choose the Owner’s Handbooks tab.

On this page you can see what types of documentation are available. The “Service Information” tab includes warranty information and service schedules. We have selected “Owner’s Handbooks.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 6

7. Select Owner’s Handbook.

For the 2012 Range Rover Evoque, both the Owner’s Handbook and the Quick Start Guides are available. We have selected “Owner’s Handbook.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 7

8. Select a document link.

At the bottom of the page you will see several links. Some of the links are not overly descriptive, so choose one of the owner’s handbook links. We have chosen “LRL 18 02 60 122 – OWNER’S HANDBOOK – Range Rover Evoque.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 8

9. Select a topic.

Down the left side of the screen will be a list of vehicle topics. Clicking the “OWNER’S HANDBOOK” link at the top will only get you the title page. We have selected “Instrument Panel.”

Land Rover Manuals Step 9

10. Navigate the sections.

Finally, the actual handbook! If your browser supports the functionality, you can use the navigation buttons found at the bottom right to navigate inside the individual handbook sections, which includes the ability to print and save sections. 

Land Rover Manuals Step 10

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