RoverGuide Top 10 of 2011

A few days ago we took a look at the top five pieces of 2011 Land Rover and Range Rover news. Today, we’re looking inward at the 10 most popular articles posted to RoverGuide in 2011 as chosen by you, our readers. By far, you chose the 2012 Range Rover Evoque as the model you most wanted to read about, followed closely by the 2012 Range Rover Sport. Of the 10 articles on our list, half of them feature the Evoque; the #1 Land Rover news story of 2011. Other models appearing on our top 10 are the DC100 and the 2013 Range Rover.


The 10 Most Popular Articles of 2011

1. 2012 Range Rover Evoque Exterior Color Choices – Colors can dramatically alter the presence of a vehicle and also reflect strongly on the owner’s personality. We were not surprised to see our posts covering exterior and interior color options rise to the top. Out of the top 10 articles for 2011, three focused on color options.

2. 2012 Range Rover Sport Offers Nav and Audio Updates – Seeing the Range Rover Sport near the top of the list was expected given that the Sport still holds the #1 best-selling spot for Land Rover in the United States. For 2012, the Range Rover Sport offered a number of significant navigation and audio updates without a significant price increase. Buyers who were willing to hold out for the 2012 model year didn’t have access to the lowest financing incentives, but did get some interior improvements.

3. 2012 Range Rover Evoque Interior Color Choices – Creative color names look good on the marketing brochures, but are not always intuitive. Color such as Cirrus (light grey), Lunar (dark grey), Ebony (black), Almond (tan/khaki), and Espresso (dark brown) make up some of the interior color options on the Evoque. Click through to the article to see all available interior colors and their corresponding names.

4. 2012 Range Rover Evoque Preview at Bergstrom Premier – As luck would have it, our local Land Rover retailer was one of the first to offer a live preview of the all-new Range Rover Evoque. We were able to attend the launch party before the crowd arrived and snapped interior and exterior photos of a Firenze Red Evoque Pure, a Sumatra Black Evoque Prestige, and a Fuji White Evoque Coupe Dynamic. 

5. 2012 Range Rover Evoque Wheel & Tire Options – Wheels and tires offer an almost endless source of conversation between Land Rover owners. The Evoque offers three standard wheels, two optional wheels, and two dealer-installed options. Depending on wheel size, 2012 Evoque buyers will get either Michelin or Continental tires as original equipment. 

6. 2012 Range Rover Sport Exterior Color Swatches – The Range Rover Sport offers a dozen color choices for the 2012 model year. With the notable exception of Firenze Red, most are rather subdued earth tones. If you’re curious as to where Land Rover gets its inspiration for colors, you can also check out our color name background article.

7. 2012 Range Rover Evoque Buying Guide – In this article, we assembled all of our 2012 Evoque articles into a set of buying guide links. From this buyer’s guide, you can get background on the design themes (Pure, Prestige, Dynamic), information on options packages, colors, photo galleries, and some history on the Land Rover LRX concept. 

8. Fourth Generation Range Rover Coming in 2013 – We now know that the fourth generation Range Rover will make its debut for the 2013 model year. This is no small thing considering the Range Rover has taken over 40 years to reach this milestone. Of course, the introduction of a next generation Range Rover means one important thing: potential good deals on the outgoing model.

9. Updating Your Land Rover’s DVD Navigation System – It wasn’t until we started looking for an  update for our LR3 did we realize just how difficult it can be to find an updated DVD navigation disc that was 1) authentic, 2) not overpriced, and 3) as current as possible. Based on how popular this article became, it seems we were not alone.

10. Defender DC100 Concept Truck and Four-Door Renderings – The DC100 was the #2 entry on our aforementioned top five Land Rover news events of 2011. Within hours of the first photos of the DC100 being made available, various online outlets were hard at work rendering the DC100, including RoverGuide. As it turned out, our DC100 pickup truck rendering was remarkably similar to what would later be revealed as the DC100 Sport roadster. 


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