2012 Range Rover Evoque Tailgate Badge

Land Rover better expedite the production of a Range Rover Grand Evoque, because the company will need the extra interior room to haul around all the awards the original 2012 Evoque has been snapping up. To date, the Evoque has tallied up 53 awards from around the globe. Awards have come from China, the Czech Republic, the United States, South Africa, India, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and elsewhere. As if that’s not enough, the Evoque has been named a North American Truck of the Year finalist and a contender for What Car?’s Car of the Year in the SUV category along with the Land Rover Discovery 4 and a few competitors. 

The two most recent North American awards for the Evoque come from Canada’s Auto123.com, which named the Evoque its ‘Best Luxury Compact Utility.’ The other comes from Jason H. Harper at Bloomberg News, where he named the Evoque one of his ‘Best Drives of 2011.’

40,000+ Range Rover Evoque Orders

In a recent press release, Land Rover Global Brand Director, John Edwards, revealed the company has “received in excess of 40,000 orders for [the] Evoque” worldwide, with many of these new owners never having owned a Land Rover product in the past. As we have mentioned before, the Evoque is also acting as a halo vehicle, bringing a lot of positive attention to the Land Rover and Range Rover brands in general. 

The Evoque’s Current Award Count

  1. China Best Car in Class Award, Motor Trend, China
  2. Best Production Design, Autodesign and styling magazine, Czech Republic
  3. Best Car 2011 SUV category, Motorpress Portugal and Autohoje magazine, Portugal
  4. Most Exciting Car for 2011, What Car? Car of the Year Awards, UK
  5. Anticipated SUV of the Year, Top 4×4, China
  6. The Most Anticipated Import Car of the Year, Sohu Auto, China
  7. SHAS most popular imported car, Dragon TV, China
  8. Best Car for Urban Young, Elites International Finance News, China
  9. Most fashionable car at AUTO SHANGHAI, Beijing Times, China
  10. Car Design of the Year award – best production car unveiled in 2010, Car Design News
  11. Stunning Design Award, Orient Car, China
  12. Auto Express New Car Honors Best Compact 4×4, UK
  13. Auto Express New Car Honors Car of the Year 2011, UK
  14. Best SUV, Women on Wheels Women’s Car of the Year Awards 2011, South Africa
  15. The Most Anticipated Luxury Car, Chengdu Business Daily, China
  16. Car of the Year Design and Performance, Car China
  17. Golden Steering Wheel Award for Best SUV, AutoBild, Austria
  18. Fashion Style Award, Sina Auto, China
  19. Best Compact SUV, Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, UK
  20. Scottish Car of the Year, Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, UK
  21. Autonis Design Award – Best New Design, Auto Motor und Sport, Germany
  22. Best SUV, Autorevue, Austria
  23. SUV of the Year Award 2011, Motor Trend, US
  24. Urban Truck of the Year, Decisive Magazine, US
  25. Star of the Show, 41st Annual South Florida International Auto Show (Miami), US
  26. 2012 Automobile Magazine All-Star Award handover at LA motor show, US
  27. Continental Irish Executive/Luxury Car of the Year 2012, Irish Car of the Year Awards
  28. Best Luxury Compact Utility Vehicle, ALG Residual Value Awards, US
  29. Best Luxury Utility Award, Auto123.com, Canada
  30. Indian Import SUV of the Year, CNBC TV and Overdrive Awards, India
  31. Car of the Year, Stuff magazine, UK
  32. Best SUV 2012, Car & Driver magazine, Brazil
  33. SUV of the Year Award 2011, BBC Top Gear Magazine, UK
  34. Car of the Year, BBC Top Gear Magazine, UK
  35. Import SUV over 30,000 Euro, Autozeitung, Germany
  36. Best SUV 2012, Car & Driver magazine, Spain
  37. Car of the Year, Stuff magazine, India
  38. Auto Style Award, Auto Style Award, US
  39. Best Luxury SUV of the Year, National Business Daily, China
  40. Best Import Car of the Year, Guangzhou Daily, China
  41. Best Import SUV of the Year, Top Gear China
  42. Best Import SUV of the Year, Sohu.com, China
  43. Best Luxury SUV of the Year, China Business News, China
  44. Most Fashionable Import SUV of the Year, Southern Metropolis News, China
  45. Most Attractive SUV of 2011, Xinhua News, China
  46. Design Trophy, l’Automobile Magazine, France
  47. 4×4 Car of 2012, Auto Club Bulgaria 
  48. Crossover Car of the Year, Bloomberg, US
  49. 2012 4×4 of the Year, 4×4 Magazine, UK
  50. Car of the Year 2012, Czech Republic
  51. Best SUV 2012, Auto Press, Brazil
  52. Car of the Year, Independent Online, New Zealand
  53. Readers’ Choice 2011 – Launch of the year, Carro Online, Brazil
2012 Range Rover Evoque Wheel

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December 21, 2011


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