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Today we have something that is fun and (hopefully) at least a bit educational. Land Rover has a long history of choosing geographical regions, cities, and natural landscapes as inspiration for colors. What we have done is listed all the 2012 model year colors along with some historical colors and provided a bit of background on the origins of the name (or, at least, have taken our best guess).

Color Changes

Note that Land Rover routinely switches out colors and makes different color selections available in differing geographic regions. For example, on the 2011 Land Rover LR2, Kosrae Green was replaced by Galway Green and Baltic Blue was replaced by Buckingham Blue. Color availability can also change over time. On the 2012 Evoque, Buckingham Blue recently gave way to Baltic Blue and Sumatra Black gave way to Santorini Black. Also, two additional colors were added to the Evoque’s U.S. lineup. These are Havana (dark brown) and Barolo Black (black with a dark cherry hue).

2012 Model Year Colors

2012 Range Rover Evoque in Firenze Red

Firenze Red

Fuji White – Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and famous for its dramatic snow cap and numerous depictions in Japanese art.

Buckingham Blue – Buckingham is a town in the county of Buckinghamshire, England. Of course, there is also the well-known Buckingham Palace, which is the official London residence and administrative headquarters of Britain’s monarchy. 

Baltic Blue – The Baltic Sea is a brackish sea in northern Europe bordered by Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia, and other countries. Several of Land Rover’s blue shades are named after rivers, islands, and bodies of water. 

Firenze Red – Firenze is the Italian word for Florence, the most populous city in the Italian region of Tuscany. The coat of arms of Florence is red and red-roofed buildings are common.

Nara Bronze – Nara is the capital city of Nara Prefecture in Japan. Nara served as the capital of Japan’s monarchy during the 8th century and is home to the Nara Daibutsu (giant Buddha), which sits nearly 50 feet in height and is 1260 years old. 

Marmaris Teal – Marmaris is a port city that rests on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The city is a popular tourist destination is known for its marinas and its scenic location.

Siberian Silver – Siberia is a large region of Russia that makes up a majority of Northern Asia. The word “Siberia” and “Siberian” have become synonymous with remote locations and cold weather. The region also lends its name to the Siberian Husky, which has a thick silver coat.

2012 Range Rover Sport Special Edition in Santorini Black

Santorini Black

Santorini Black – Santorini is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. 

Bournville – Bournville is a village in England that was originally created as a ‘company town’ by the Cadbury candy company. Fittingly, Land Rover’s Bournville is a chocolate brown. 

Colima Lime – Colima is a state in Mexico.  It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the area is known for growing approximately half of Mexico’s lime crop. 

Mauritius Blue – Mauritius is a small island about 600 miles east of Madagascar. At 787 square miles, the island is only slightly larger than the Hawaiian island of Maui, which comes in at 734 square miles. 

Valloire White Pearl – The ‘white’ part of this color’s name provides a hint of its snowy origins. Valloire is a community in France known for the Valloire-Galibier ski resort that features over 90 miles of slopes. It is, perhaps, one of the greatest ski destinations in the world.

Siljan Black – Siljan is a community in Norway, but also a lake in Sweden that rests along the Siljan Ring. The Siljan Ring is the remnant of an ancient meteorite that left a 32 mile wide crater. 

Celtic Black – The Celtic territories located in north-west Europe are notable for their language and cultural characteristics, many of which have survived to this day.

2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4) in Indus Silver

Indus Silver

China Black – China black could refer to Chinese black tea or, more likely, a variety of very dark black granite stone sometimes flecked with lighter colored inclusions. The black granite from Shanxi region is also known as ‘absolute black’ granite.

Bardolino Red – Bardolino is a community in Italy known for the production of red wine. More than one Land Rover color is named after wine or wine producing regions.

Roma Red – The word ‘Roma’ can mean several things. For example, it is the word for Rome in the Italian language, the name of several other towns located throughout the world, and the name of several ethnic groups.

Bering Grey – The Bering Sea is situated between Alaska and Russia. The Bering Sea is known for its harsh weather and its commercial fishing industry. If you have watched the TV show Deadliest Catch, you will know where Bering Grey gets its name.

Paris Blue – We’re guessing you are familiar with this French city.

Caribbean Blue – We’re also guessing you are quite familiar with the Caribbean.

Antilles Blue – The Antilles are a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. The island group includes Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and many other smaller islands. Sorry, Star Wars fans, the color isn’t named after Wedge Antilles.

Atlantis Blue – Atlantis is a mythical island city that, according to Plato, sank beneath the waves and was since forever lost. Many have claimed to have found the lost city.

2012 Range Rover Evoque in Colima Lime

Colima Lime

British Racing Green – British Racing Green is a deep, rich green that has been long associated with British racing cars. There is no one ‘official’ hue of British Racing Green, but the favored shade is typically quite dark. 

Wimbledon Green – Wimbledon is a suburb of London, famous for the tennis championships held there. The tennis courts found in Wimbledon feature traditional green fields.

Sydney Gold – Home to almost 5 million people, Sydney is the largest city in Australia and the home of the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Calama Copper – Calama is a city in Chile located near Chuquicamata, one of the world’s largest open-pit copper mines. The mine produces over 600 tons of copper annually and is over 2,600 feet deep. 

Stormer Orange – The Range Stormer concept foreshadowed the introduction of the Range Rover Sport. The concept was painted in a shade of orange very similar to the Range Rover Sport’s introductory special edition color, Vesuvius Orange.

Ordos Yellow – Ordos is a desert and steppe region in Mongolia that lends its name to a regional dialect and a Mongolian city within the same area. 

Galway Green – Galway is a city situated on the west coast of Ireland. Green is one of the official colors of Ireland, along with white, orange, and St. Patrick’s Blue.

Indus Silver – The Indus River flows through Pakistan, India, and China. A majority of the river flows through Pakistan and empties into the Arabian Sea.

2012 Range Rover in Ipanema Sand

Ipanema Sand

Ipanema Sand – Ipanema is an area of southern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, famous for its large beach. The white sand beach stretches roughly 1.2 miles

Orkney Grey – The Orkney Islands are located in far northern Scotland, approximately 10 miles off the north coast. The archipelago consists of approximately 70 islands. 

Sumatra Black – Sumatra is an island in Indonesia and home to the critically endangered Sumatran Rhino. It’s estimated that fewer than 275 Sumatran Rhinos exist and suffer from poaching and the destruction of habitat. Learn how you can help the International Rhino Foundation conserve the Sumatran Rhino.

Keswick Green – Keswick is a small town in England. The surrounding green fields, forests, and hills give the Keswick  area a very pastoral presence. 

Tamar Blue – The word ‘Tamar’ could mean any number of different things,  but given that Land Rover chose blue, we’re guessing the color represents the River Tamar, a river in England that defines the border between Devon and Cornwall. 

Barolo Black – Barolo is a town in Italy and also a red wine produced in the same region in which the town is located. Land Rover’s Barolo Black features a deep red tint.

Havana – Havana — a shade of brown in Land Rover’s lineup — is the capital of Cuba. 

Selected Historic Colors

AA Yellow – The Automobile Association (AA) is the UK-equivalent of our Automobile Association of America (AAA). The signature color of the AA is bright yellow. 

Vesuvius Orange – Mount Vesuvius is, of course, the Italian volcano infamous for destroying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79. The orange color conjures up visions of lava and heat; very much appropriate for the Range Rover Sport on which it debuted.

Beluga Black – The first image conjured up by the word ‘Beluga’ is the whale. However, the Beluga Whale is typically white. The word ‘Beluga’ is also attached to beluga sturgeon from which the famous delicacy beluga caviar is harvested. The caviar is black.

Java Black – While the word ‘java’ is now a programming language and a term for coffee, it is also an island in Indonesia. Java is the home of the last of the Javan Rhinoceroses, specifically in Ujung Kulon National Park. The Vietnam Javan Rhinoceros was declared extinct in Vietnam just last month; the last surviving individual having been killed by poachers.

Alpine White – Alpine indicates a climate located above the tree line at high altitude. Naturally, this conjures up images of snow capped mountains. 

Range Rover Color Swatches

2012 Land Rover and Range Rover Lineup

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