Range Rover Grand Evoque Rendering by RoverGuide

A while back, rumors were circulating among Land Rover watchers that the company had plans to bolster the LR2 (Freelander 2) with two additional seats. However, as we now know, many of the rumors that circulated around the LR2 were supplanted by Land Rover’s announcement that it would put a nearly unaltered Land Rover LRX concept vehicle into production as the Range Rover Evoque. Not too long after, rumors of a seven passenger ‘Grand Evoque’ began circulating. 

This week, we have more information to share with our readers. Both Inside Line and Autocar.co.uk are reporting that the Range Rover Evoque will indeed be the recipient of a ‘grand’ model. How grand will the ‘Grand Evoque’ be? The figures floating around indicate that the ‘grand’ will add about 12 inches (300mm) of extra length and up to 4 inches of height (100mm). These extra inches will improve legroom and headroom, improve cargo capacity, and open up the rear of the Evoque for a third row of seats.

UPDATE 3/8/2012: What Car? reported today that the Grand Evoque is no longer in consideration for production. 

The ‘Grand Evoque’ vs. Other Models

We have to factor in the fact that the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are going to be positioned further upmarket in coming years.

In past articles, we have talked about how the Range Rover Evoque meshes with its siblings and cousins within the Land Rover family. A high-specification Land Rover LR2 HSE LUX bumps into low-range Evoque Pure territory, while a high-specification Evoque is brushing up against the Range Rover Sport. This dynamic is about to change on the upper end as the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will be positioned further upmarket in coming years. This will create a sweet spot for a seven passenger ‘Grand Evoque’ positioned in what will then be entry-level Range Rover Sport territory. Overall, we think the relationship between models will be more well-defined than it is today.

The Fate of the Land Rover LR2

Ultimately, we have to ask what becomes of the LR2. While a ‘Grand Evoque’ doesn’t directly threaten the LR2 beyond stealing its seven-seat thunder, the Evoque Pure as it is today must certainly be putting pressure on the LR2 HSE and HSE LUX; $45,500.00 gets you a loaded LR2 HSE LUX or a stylish Evoque Pure. Assuming the low-volume LR2 survives the next couple of model years, it just might find itself out of a job for good come 2015 when the DC100 is released. Of course, that depends on how the DC100 is positioned in the market. On the other end of the spectrum, the “baby Range Rover” is acting as a halo vehicle of sorts for the Range Rover Sport

Seven Seats and Timing

Land Rover has a long history of stuffing additional folding seats into the cargo area of its sport utility vehicles. The company’s current seven-seat offering is the Land Rover LR4, which features two fold-flat seats as a third row option. However, the LR4 is a horse of a different color when compared to the Evoque, so there’s not much overlap there. Adding a seven-seat Range Rover would give the company one more tool in its growing arsenal, an arsenal which is being driven by Land Rover’s “40 significant product actions” strategy.

‘Grand Evoque’ Timing

When will we see an extended Range Rover Evoque? Probably not until 2014 or 2015. If that timeline comes to pass, 2015 is going to be a watershed year for the company as we will be seeing new diesel engines, new hybrid powertrains, the introduction of the DC100, and more. If speculation comes to pass, Land Rover’s essential U.S. lineup could look something like this:

Land Rover 

  • Land Rover DC100/Defender
  • Land Rover DC100/Defender Diesel and/or Hybrid
  • Land Rover LR2 (Probably Renamed, Assuming it Survives)
  • Land Rover LR4 (Probably Renamed as the Discovery)
Range Rover
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Range Rover Evoque Coupe
  • Range Rover Evoque R (High-Performance)
  • Range Rover Evoque Convertible
  • Range Rover Grand Evoque
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Range Rover Range_e PHEV
  • Range Rover

Range Rover Grand Evoque Rendering

In our rendering below, we have added approximately 12 inches to the Evoque and increased roof height by a couple of inches to expand interior capacity and headroom front-to-back. Where exactly Land Rover will allocate the extra inches remains to be seen.

Range Rover Grand Evoque Rendering by RoverGuide

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