Hamann Range Rover Body Kit

The only thing that happens more frequently than the Range Rover Evoque collecting awards is custom tuners creating special editions and body kits for Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. One of the latest body kits comes from German tuner Hamann. In addition to the body kit itself, Hamann is also offering a tuned exhaust system and an engine computer upgrade that takes the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 from 510-horsepower up to 530-horsepower. Only a handful of interior options were pictured, but customers will be offered wood, Alcantara, carbon, leather, and aluminum interior trim details. 

Our Take on the Range Rover Kit

Hamann seems to do its best work when focusing on coupes and sedans from Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and BMW.

We must admit, our opinion on these street kits is rather biased. We would take an expedition fitted Land Rover or Range Rover over a street kit any day of the week. However, some tuned examples — such as the Merdad Mer-Nazz Evoque and some of the designs from Kahn — look good, and arguably augment the aesthetics of the basic Range Rover design. But, we’re afraid this kit from Hamann looks rather tacked on and has a very bottom-heavy feel. In our eyes, the kit adds superfluous mass and complexity rather than smoothing or building on the lines of the already-massive Range Rover. Nor does the kit pull off the aggressive sporting appearance that is common with Hamann’s car designs. Overall, Hamann seems to do its best work when focusing on coupes and sedans from Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and BMW.

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Hamann Range Rover Gallery


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December 1, 2011


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