Classified The Series: A Range Rover Evoque Film

Since the Range Rover Evoque is sold in 160 markets, the launch was quite literally a worldwide event that unfolded over the course of the past year. To facilitate the launch, Land Rover’s global marketing department must have pitched in some serious overtime. In addition to the numerous media and celebrity events, the Pulse of the City campaign, the auto shows, and the dealer launch events — just to name a few pieces of the marketing blitz — Land Rover commissioned a 32-minute five-part film.

The film was directed by Ali F. Mostafa and helped launch the Evoque in the Middle East. Classified The Series will be your kind of thing if you like your long format commercials to have a flair for intrigue, a good amount of action, a few car chases, and a bit of humor. 

The film is half in English and half in Arabic, with the actors switching between the two languages on the fly. Both languages are subtitled as appropriate, and after a couple of minutes this convention slips into the background and you don’t really notice it if you mange to find yourself wrapped up in the story. Speaking of, we thought the story is interesting, the script is was written, the production values were top-notch, and the acting wasn’t bad. Of course, we’re not exactly movie critics here at RoverGuide, so you’ll have to draw your own conclusions about the series.

A Range Rover Evoque Film Series

Naturally, the 2012 Range Rover Evoque is the real star of the show as it takes on terrain that leaves other vehicles in the dust. You get to see a lot of the Evoque’s features in action, including the Surround Camera system, the Evoque’s off-road abilities, puddle lights, navigation system, and the glass panel roof. There’s really only one scene where it reaches an egregious ‘Micheal Bay’ level of product placement, and even that is quite brief.

So, here you have it; all five parts of Classified The Series: A Range Rover Film Series.

Episode 1.5

Episode 2.5

Episode 3.5

Episode 4.5

Episode 5.5

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November 29, 2011


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