Land Rover Go Beyond Bursary 2012 Launch

Today we have some news from Land Rover UK. Late last week, Land Rover launched its 2012 Go Beyond Bursary. The Bursary is operated by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), which is one of Land Rovers’s six Global Humanitarian and Conservation Partners. The other five partners include the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Born Free Foundation, Biosphere Expeditions, China Exploration & Research Society (CERS),  and the Earthwatch Institute.

The Bursary is awarded to a team that “want[s] to take a journey beyond their limits and boundaries” and which also features the Defender 110 as an integral part of the expedition. The objective of the Bursary award is to not only help fund the actual expedition, but to also enable the Bursary winner to “inspire and engage” schools, communities, and others both in the field and after the return.

Paul Rose, Vice President of Expeditions & Fieldwork, RGS-IBG said, “The Land Rover Go Beyond Bursary offers recipients an amazing opportunity to take a journey to promote a wider understanding and enjoyment of people, places, and environments.” 

The bursary award itself is £15,000.00 (about $23,600.00) and applicants can apply for additional funds of up to £15,000.00 to support expedition-related costs. As already mentioned, Bursary winners are also allowed the use of a Land Rover Defender 110. The deadline is February 3rd, 2012, and interviews take place in London in March. Teams can apply here

Previous Land Rover Bursary Winners

You can download a PDF brochure that talks more about expedition travel, what life is like on the trip, the Go Beyond Bursary, and past winners by clicking here: 2012 Go Beyond Bursary PDF.

2011 Glacier in a Greenhouse – The Glacier in a Greenhouse expedition departed in mid-August to research a previously inaccessible glacier in Central West Iceland which has not been studied for over 15 years. You can see photos from the Glacier in a Greenhouse expedition on Land Rover’s Flickr page.

2010 Fault Line Living – Fault Line Living (pictured below) spent 12 weeks traveling along 15,000 miles of fault lines exploring the lives of the people who live in these unstable areas. The expedition traversed Iceland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Iran. Along the way, the Fault Line Living team worked with students, scientists, and locals to learn how communities have adapted to the unique challenges presented by living along fault lines.

2009 Atlantic Rising – The Atlantic Rising expedition traced potential ocean coastlines. The expedition focused on the locations, history, and communities that could be lost if sea levels rise and climate change continues. Part of the Atlantic Rising program included talks targeted towards adults and students.

2008 Latitude – The 2008 Latitude expedition traveled in a Land Rover Defender along the line of 50° North across Europe through Asia and Canada.

2010 Bursary Fault Line Living

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