2010 Jaguar XFR Interior Badge w/ Evoque

You may have heard that Land Rover is considering adding a performance sub-brand to the Land Rover roster. Recently, it was revealed that a 300+ horsepower version of the Range Rover Evoque is all but a done deal. More significantly, however, is that this hot Evoque could also usher in the aforementioned performance sub-brand. The move seems ever more likely as Land Rover continues to develop high performance variants of its vehicles and seeks to broaden its product line in major emerging markets such as China and India. 

Jaguar Land Rover already has a dedicated performance moniker with the “R” Jaguars and it’s likely the Land Rover brand would follow suit with a similar nomenclature. While it would be interesting to see a ‘real’ name  adorn the back of the high performance Land Rovers — think “Range Rover Evoque Dakar” or similar — it’s likely the company would build on the cachet of the existing “R” brand. However, we’re not ruling anything out at this point.

Factory Off-Road Performance Trims?

A 300-horsepower Range Rover Evoque could usher in a performance brand, not unlike the existing Jaguar R series.

Probably the most tantalizing part of a performance brand would be the potential for off-road versions of existing vehicles. But, we know what you are thinking. All Land Rovers are already off-road versions. Very true. However, we’re talking more along the lines of a fully-kitted all-terrain performance package straight off the factory floor as a distinct trim. The idea is certainly nothing new. Other manufacturers have successfully brought to market off-road factory performance versions of popular vehicles, including vehicles already known for their off-road prowess. Jeep has the Rubicon (on top of its Trail Rated badge), Ford has the F-150-based Raptor, Toyota has the TRD line, and Nissan runs the PRO-4X.

That said, Land Rover already produces the Range Rover Supercharged and Range Rover Sport Supercharged high performance trims, which are arguably more Wall Street than no street, and it’s likely that most offerings under this new brand will follow the urban trend. 

2010 Jaguar XKR R Badge

Pictured: 2010 Jaguar XKR Badge

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