White DC100 Front View

New images of the DC100 concept have been released that reveal a Fuji White paint job and a more reasonable set of wheels. These new images reveal not only the Fuji White paint topped by a Santorini Black roof — which looks much better than the silver we have been seeing — but also 20-inch alloy wheels with Cooper all-terrain tires. This tire and wheel combo, while still quite large, is much more Defender-relevant than the original 22-inch low-profile street tires we saw on the DC100 and DC100 Sport concepts released at the Frankfurt Auto Show

The new DC100 concept images were released in conjunction with the DC100’s Middle Eastern debut at the 2011 Dubai International Motor Show. Also revealed at the Dubai show was the custom Range Rover Evoque by Startech. Startech, a division of Brabus, designed the appearance kit to make the Evoque appear more like a sports car and less like a sport utility vehicle. Also mentioned by Startech, but not shown, was a performance upgrade for the Evoque’s 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

Our Take on the DC100

Although our thoughts on the DC100 have leaned strongly toward “wait and see,” we must admit the DC100 is growing on us as time goes by. What a difference the Fuji White and some decent tires can make! However, the jury is still out on the DC100 Sport, which is the roadster version of the DC100. For us, it really comes down to where the DC100 is positioned in the U.S. market. We are still hoping the DC100 comes to America ready to go up against the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser.

The DC100’s Off-Road Features

  • Short overhangs for aggressive approach and departure angles.
  • Vertical panels and an upright windscreen.
  • Strong lines for improved visibility and vehicle positioning.
  • Built-in bumper-mounted front winch.
  • Next generation Terrain Response system.
    • Removes need for driver selection.
    • Controls wheel slip. 
    • Alters suspension travel.
    • Controls steering angle.
    • Adjusts brake and accelerator input.
  • Front-mounted HD camera can analyze terrain.
  • Terrain-i system for terrain mapping and 3D visualization.
  • Wade Aid sonar sensors measure water depth.
    • Closes body vents.
    • Raises ride height.
    • Selects low gear.
    • Advises the driver on speed.
  • Torque Vectoring automatically and instantly directs torque.
    • Infinately adjustable traction control.
  • Driveline Disconnect physically decouples rear axle.
    • Improved on-road efficiency.

White DC100 Rear View

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November 11, 2011


DC100 Concept, Defender, Land Rover Models

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