2012 Land Rover Expedition - Finland

As we’re sure you are aware, Land Rover offers a range of expedition-style adventures that vary from one-day events at Land Rover Experience centers to complete adventure holidays. The most elaborate of the vacation packages are the Land Rover Expeditions that explore destinations around the globe. According to Land Rover, these are “luxurious driving experiences [that] enable guests to indulge in the stunning scenery, landscapes, and culture in the finest style.”

Two destinations were featured for 2011. These included an Escape program in Catalonia and an eight-day Expedition through Botswana that featured the Discovery 4. Previous destinations have included Morocco and Oman. 

2012 Land Rover Escape in Finland

For 2012, Land Rover Expeditions is taking a handful of lucky travelers to Finland for a Land Rover Escape program — essentially a shorter version of the Expeditions. The Finland Nordic Adventure trip will last four days and be offered five times between January and March. 

Finland Program Dates

  • January 26th – January 29th
  • January 30th – February 2nd
  • March 6th – March 9th
  • March 10th – March 13th
  • March 14th – March 17th

The Land Rover Escape Finland adventure trip will last four days and be offered five times between January and March.

The multi-experience event includes not only a driving program, but also a range of cultural activities in addition to outdoor pursuits such as snowmobiling. However, the driving part is, of course, the focus of the adventure. The Finland program will feature the full range of Range Rover products, including the Range Rover itself, the Range Rover Sport, and the 2012 Range Rover Evoque. You will have the opportunity to drive these vehicles through Finland’s winter landscape, brush up on your snow and ice driving, and tackle off-road challenges. The bulk of the adventure will take place near Helsinki, at the nearby Land Rover Experience Center in Hämeenlinna.

The cost for this Land Rover Escape program is $7,942.00 (£4,976.00) per person based on two people sharing accommodations. More details on the itinerary and pricing are available on the Land Rover Expeditions Nordic Adventure site.

On a side note, being based in Wisconsin we find it somewhat fascinating there are adventurous types who will pay to drive around in the snow. Soon we will be locked in our own winter adventure, part of which includes a frozen 137,000+ acre lake right in our own backyard complete with plowed roads. Unfortunately, our “adventure” lasts a lot longer than four days.

 2012 Land Rover Expedition - Finland

[via Land Rover Expeditions]

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