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Finding a used Land Rover isn’t as easy as it first seems. For one, your local supply of used vehicles is probably limited. Therefore, used Land Rover shoppers have to be a little more savvy than the average used car buyer when it comes to finding the perfect fit. The resources below allow you to search thousands of listings from across the country.

Certified Pre-Owned
Land Rovers

The recent improvements Land Rover made to its certified pre-owned program in conjunction with competitive CPO finance incentives have made purchasing a used Land Rover a much more viable option, especially if you are looking to buy before the end of the year. Land Rover is offering 0.9% financing for up to 60 months on select CPO models. The only place to get a Select Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover and the year-end financing incentives is at an authorized retailer. You can use our locator map to find a Land Rover dealer near you and inquire with them about used inventory.

Used Land Rovers

If you are looking for a used Land Rover that isn’t part of the certified pre-owned program, you have many more alternative resources to search. All of these resources offer national and local search options and many will allow you to flag certified pre-owned vehicles, vehicles listed by dealers, and vehicles listed by private parties.

Craigslist – Craigslist offers a very comprehensive list of Land Rovers for sale, but the trick is finding them. Craigslist is a great tool for searching locally, but unless you go site-by-site through all of Craigslist’s localized websites, you might accidentally pass over the perfect vehicle. Fortunately, there is a solution. Although Craigslist has been rather hostile towards sites that aggregate content, these sites do exist. We recommend you give AllOfCraigs.com a try. After you do an initial search you can narrow down the results with filters. Craigslist can also be useful for finding vintage Land Rovers.

eBay – eBay is probably the first site that comes to mind when buyers start thinking about searching for a used Land Rover. At any given time, eBay seems to have roughly 500 to 600 new and used Land Rovers up for bids. These range from parts-only vehicles whose time has long passed to brand new Range Rovers being offered by retailers. A majority of the vehicles listed are used. While certainly not the most comprehensive resource, eBay does offer free AutoCheck® vehicle history reports, seller feedback scores/reviews, and a buyer protection program for select vehicles. Like Craigslist, eBay can be useful for finding classic Land Rovers.

Used Car Portals – There are also a large number of used vehicle portals that can be quickly searched for used Land Rovers being sold by dealerships and by private parties. At the moment, the “800-lb. gorilla” of the used car market, AutoTrader.com, lists over 7,500 used Land Rovers. AutoTrader.com is just one of dozens — if not hundreds — of used car portals. A quick Google search for “used cars” will bring up more websites than you will probably care to search.

An additional advantage of used car portals is that many of them offer tools and features to make your search easier. This often includes the ability to compare used vehicles, save selected used car listings, research market values, and the option of applying a large number of filters for narrowing your selection.

More Used Car Portals

AOL Autos – 10,500+ listings.
Yahoo! Autos –  5,500+ listings.
Cars.com – 5,750+ listings.

Range Rover Heritage Lineup

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October 7, 2011


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