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Land Rover vehicles have been featured in a large number of video games over the years. Most of these have been commercial platform games for Xbox, PlayStation, and the like. However, there are a handful of free Flash games you can play right now. Below are three such games, two of which are official promotional games designed to let you “test drive” Land Rover features. The third is a fun Shaun the Sheep™ game that features a very Land Rover’esque Series pickup truck.

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Yachting & Boating World / Land Rover Towing Challenge

This towing challenge gives you a surprisingly good feel for Land Rover’s Tow Assist feature. The point of the game is to use Tow Assist to successfully hitch up and maneuver a trailer into a designated area with a Discovery 4 (LR4).  You can drop your trailer anywhere and re-hitch to get a better angle. You must stay within the play area to successfully complete the task. Small informational snippets about Tow Assist pop up as you play the game.

Play Land Rover Towing Challenge

Land Rover Towing Challenge

Land Rover LR2 Terrain Response® Game

This game demonstrates the Terrain Response® system and other traction and safety features found on the Freelander 2 (LR2). The game is more promotional than challenging, but it can be fun to take the LR2 out for a spin around the track a couple of times.

Play LR2 Terrain Response®

Land Rover LR2 Terrain Response Game

Shaun the Sheep™ Lamb Rover 4×4

This game isn’t an official Land Rover creation, but it’s certainly the most arcade-like out of the three featured here. In this game, you pilot a Land Rover Series pickup truck through a variety of obstacle courses and on a variety of missions. You can practice braking, maneuver through the slalom, ram hay bales, unlock snorkel mode to ford rivers, climb hills, and more.

Play Shaun the Sheep™ Lamb Rover 4×4

Shaun the Sheep Lamb Rover Game

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October 2, 2011


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